Many people suffer from chronic insomnia stemming from trauma in a prior incarnation. If you have difficulty getting to sleep, it may be that your soul is on high alert when it should be at ease. And if you wake up at a certain time in the night, it may be your soul making sure all is well.

At an event in San Francisco, I asked participants if they had chronic insomnia, or if they woke up at the same time during the night. The response was amazing. People were shouting out specific times like, “4:17,” or “2:14.” And others resonated strongly with my observation that many people get their best sleep as the sun starts coming up (when the soul feels it has made it through the night without incident).

The problem for your soul is that it can’t separate what happened in a lifetime hundreds of years ago from the one you’re living now. If you were attacked and killed in your home during a time of war, your soul will fear dropping its guard. It might keep you awake so you can escape trouble, or it may wake you up at the precise time of the original trauma.

This next story is from a psychic guidance sessions I wrote about several years ago. It explores the causes and effect of chronic insomnia, as well as the very common past-life fear of rejection.

During my session with Steve, a young man from L.A., we explored an incarnation he had in Pennsylvania a hundred years ago. Back then he was also male, a rather naïve boy who fell in love with an older woman.

The events that I uncovered from that life turned out to be the root cause of a huge fear of Rejection.

The past-life fear of Rejection is caused by a traumatic event from a previous incarnation in which your soul experiences what it perceives as abandonment. By far, the most common scenario is one in which death occurs on a battlefield far from home, surrounded by chaos, noise, and confusion. With no loved ones to help ease the transition to the next plane, the soul feels a profound absence of compassion. (It’s for this reason that, with their last breaths, dying soldiers will so often call out for their mothers.)

There are many other causes, of course. A fear of Rejection can be the result of abandonment by parents, long-term imprisonment, being shunned by a lover, or being ostracized or neglected by the community.

If you’ve been a leper in the past, you’ll show all the signs of rejection in the present. And those signs are usually pretty strong. You might, like many of my clients, recognize one common symptom: an occasional and unexpected wave of loneliness. It can wash over you in quiet moments without any apparent trigger. Or you might feel like you don’t belong.

The typical sufferer is a bit of a loner, reluctant to join groups or clubs, and even when he or she does belong, they’ll feel like an outsider looking in. The soul is reluctant to join any kind of organization because its belief is, “If I don’t belong, I can’t be rejected.”

When I spoke to Steve, I could tell rejection was big. And I knew all I had to do to shift the fear was to discover the past-life cause. “A part of Steve’s soul is disgusted by touch,” my spirit guides told me. This seemed troubling considering he made his living as a massage therapist. “Don’t worry,” they said, “This work will shift the fear.”

We explored the past life further. The young Pennsylvanian who is now Steve fell madly in love with a beautiful older woman. “She didn’t respect herself, so couldn’t respect him,” my guides said. He wrote love letters and poems. She laughed at him behind his back. The young man caught the woman he worshipped in flagrante delicto with another man. In a fit of anger he attacked his rival, but was beaten badly. To make matters worse, the woman pretended not to know him, and they both accused him of being a burglar.

He spent years in a prison for a crime he hadn’t committed. At night, when the lights went out, he suffered terribly from physical and sexual abuse at the hands of older prisoners. Relief finally came when he died from TB after months in solitary confinement.

The memory of this lonely life and death manifests in many ways. Aware that terrible things can happen during the hours of darkness, Steve’s soul makes sure he protects himself at all times. He told me how he’d always slept with a nightlight, and would lock the door to his apartment and the door to the bedroom itself.

He also suffered from extreme and chronic insomnia, sleeping only a couple of hours every night. Worse still was Steve’s discomfort with being touched. He couldn’t spend the night with his girlfriend. He had to be in bed alone and, needless to say, that wasn’t helping his romantic life one bit.

I spoke to Steve a few weeks after his session. In that short time, everything had changed. The first sign of a shift came after Steve took a quick nap in the late afternoon. He woke up in the early evening to find he’d not only left the bedroom door open, but the front door, too. “Not a smart thing to do in L.A.,” he remarked.

No longer afraid of what could happen during the hours of darkness, Steve’s soul has given up trying to protect him from threats that no longer exist. His chronic insomnia has improved and, for the first time, he’s been able to have his girlfriend spend the night with him. “Not only did she share the bed with me,” he said, “But she slept with her head on my chest. I never thought it was possible.”

All we had to do was remind Steve’s soul that its fears were irrational and based, not on anything likely to happen in this life, but on events in a completely different incarnation. Now it will recognize that falling in love is not automatically going to result in rejection by his lover, or that he’ll be vulnerable to attack when the lights go out.

Rejection is the most damaging experience any soul can suffer. In extreme cases it results in serious detachment from the world. The fear of rejection is the underlying cause of narcissism and sociopathic behavior. In most people, thankfully, the symptoms are more often just a sense of isolation or loneliness.

My spirit guides described Steve as “a sweetheart who needs to be loved.” Now that we’ve identified and overcome the underlying block to allowing another person to get close, he’s on the way to truly being the person he’s meant to be in this life. And his chronic insomnia has improved dramatically.

If you’re struggling with fears or phobias that are holding you back from living a happy and fulfilled life,  a psychic guidance session with Ainslie and his Spirit Guides may be just the thing to help clear your past-life blocks!

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