gun violence

Gun Violence and the Peaceful Old Soul

I said after the last massacre that there’s really nothing I can add to what’s already been said about mass shootings in US schools. However, after yet another slaughter, I feel it’s important to firmly declare where I stand on gun violence.

I’m against it. Read more

Planet Earth Needs You

Planet Earth Needs You

This is an important and timely message that the Spirit Guides want me to share with you about how planet Earth needs you now.

Fire in the wild is rejuvenating, and is part of the natural cycle of life. Our forests are renewed through its cleansing effect. But when it encroaches on human settlements, the impact can be devastating. Read more

Electronic Voting and Faith Based Elections

Electronic Voting and Faith-Based Elections

I posted the following article about electronic voting before the 2008 presidential election. Everything I wrote is as relevant now as it was back then.

As I write this, the process is underway in three states to request a recount of votes from the recent 2016 election. Trump is president elect. Clinton is two million (and counting) votes ahead, but still in second place. Is there reason to be concerned about hacking and suchlike?

According to my Spirit Guides, “Electronic voting is a fraud, and has no place in a democracy.” Read more

The Power to Change

The Power to Create Change

Remember that change is not necessarily something that gets imposed on you, but is something you have the power to create.

~Ainslie MacLeod’s Spirit Guides

Change is inevitable. We all know that. But what we often forget is how much power we have to create the change we want. Read more

Orlando Shooting

On the Orlando Shooting – Video

This is Christine from Ainslie’s SoulWorld team. The recent Orlando shooting here in the US has us asking, yet again, why? How can there be such hatred and cruelty in the world?

Ainslie spoke with his Spirit Guides, and they wanted to weigh in for this week’s blog post. Read more

Political Apathy

Political Apathy

This week’s blog post focuses on political apathy, and why being uninvolved is not an option.

“You can’t ignore politics, no matter how much you’d like to.”  ~Molly Ivins

I received an email the other day. It read: “I really wish you would stay out of American politics Ainslie!!!”

I have no plans to stay out of politics. Spirituality and politics are inseparable, and I believe it’s incumbent upon old souls to be involved, and not allow younger, less experienced souls to run the country and its institutions. Read more

head shot Robin Williams

Robin Williams: Losing a Kindred Spirit

I posted a comment on FaceBook about the passing of Robin Williams, stating that the reason we feel the loss of some souls more than others is that they have the “Spiritualist” in their soul types, the elements that make up their personality. Read more

peace, racism, and the Charleston shooting

Fear, Racism, and the Charleston Shooting

I spoke to my Spirit Guides about the recent Charleston shooting. Their first response was to express the serious need for ending this country’s obsession with guns. Their second was to discuss the contrast between love and fear. Read more

head shot Robert Richards IV

The Judge and the Rapist – Judge Jurden And Robert Richards IV

Though the trial happened back in 2009, for some bizarre reason, the case has only now been publicized. In a nutshell, Robert Richards IV, an heir to the du Pont fortune, admitted to raping his 3-year old daughter and molesting his infant son. Shockingly, however, Richards was spared a prison sentence by Judge Jan Jurden, who said he wouldn’t “fare well in prison.” Read more