One day, this life you’re currently living will be a past life. Which means that a hundred years from now, trauma you’ve experienced from the coronavirus in this incarnation will manifest in future lifetimes as your soul’s past-life fears. There are three fears in particular that may be an issue.

If, as a result of the coronavirus, you lose someone you love to a premature death in this life, you’ll be dealing with a past-life fear of Loss sometime in the future. If you end up isolated and jobless, the fear of Powerlessness will show up at some point in another incarnation. Worst-case scenario, if you were to die from the virus, isolated from your loved ones, then you’ll carry a fear of Rejection into future lives.

But those fears may have already been carried from earlier lives into this. A past-life fear of Loss stems from a time when you lost those you loved, your livelihood, or your home, perhaps as a result of war or disease. A past-life fear of Powerlessness has its origins in lives of imprisonment or enslavement. And a past-life fear of Rejection is often a memory of having died alone, feeling unloved or abandoned.

Three Big Fears

Past-Life Fear of Loss

The past-life fear of Loss teaches your soul that bad things can—and often do—happen, and not just to others. A recent client had a past life as a doctor in Aberystwyth, Wales. After having a morphine addiction exposed, the doctor was struck off and became jobless. He made a little money operating a van selling tea and sandwiches to motorists until dying after being hit by a car in fog.

My client has, unsurprisingly, a fear of losing everything, and worries about having enough to eat if something awful happens to her in this life. The past-life fear of Loss robs someone like her of the sense that everything will work out fine. The coronavirus is now acting as a trigger for her soul’s past-life fears, causing her to always anticipate the worst (even if reality says otherwise).

Past-Life Fear of Powerlessness

Another recent client had a past life that ended in imprisonment and hard labor. Being totally disempowered back then has resulted in a fear of Powerlessness now, something you’ll know you share with her if you’ve ever uttered the words, “Don’t tell me what to do!” Having once been without any freedom, you’ll resist any attempt to coerce you or make you feel fenced in.

The problem for someone with a past-life fear of Powerlessness is that they may be triggered by being “forced” to undergo social distancing. “Stay at home and avoid people? Don’t tell me what to do!”

Past-Life Fear of Rejection

Yet another client I spoke with had died alone during a battle in Manchuria during WW2. The feeling her soul remembers from the end of that life is one of abandonment, which has manifested in this life as a past-life fear of Rejection. Just knowing that thousands of coronavirus victims have ended their days separated from family and loved ones was enough to bring her to tears.

How to Manage Your Soul’s Past-Life Fears

For all of us, life during this pandemic will be challenging in some way. For those whose past-life fears have been triggered, the difficulties can be enormous. But your soul never wants to simply live with a fear—it will always urge you to confront the fear.

If your soul has a past-life fear of Rejection, the lack of connection with others might leave you feeling profoundly lonely or craving company. You can work towards healing a fear of Rejection by staying connected with others and helping them to feel they matter. During a time of quarantine, Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype are your best friends!

If your soul’s fear of Loss has been triggered, you may be feeling panic about losing everything you’ve worked so hard for. You can ease a fear of Loss by helping those less fortunate than yourself. Food banks could use your support right now. And if you know someone who has suffered loss of a loved one or their livelihood, simply being there for them will help you (and them) tremendously.

And if your fear is Powerlessness, you may feel helpless in the face of an invisible enemy. But the last thing you want to do is give in to the fear, no matter how challenging it may feel. To transcend the effects of the fear, you need to be empowered. Do everything you can to work around the challenges being presented by the coronavirus. Find solutions—and help others to do the same.

Regardless of which of your past-life fears are being triggered by the coronavirus, the important thing is to take care not to slip into a place of submission or victimization. Click To Tweet

When you feel triggered by events, or overwhelmed by all that’s happening, ask yourself what you can do to change things for the better. Being proactive will keep you empowered and help heal your fears.

Not only will this approach help you feel better now, in future incarnations, your soul will be grateful that those fears were dealt with in the past and are no longer able to affect you.


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