Working with spirit guides has taught me a great deal about the function of the soul, and how it makes us who we are.

Our personalities, for example, are chosen before we’re born, along with lessons to learn, places to go, and people to see.

I said it in my first book, and it’s worth repeating here: anyone who thinks children are born as blank slates has clearly never been around one.

Your soul comes into each life with plans, goals, and millennia of experience, like a computer that comes out of the box loaded with software, games and apps.

With multiple lifetimes of experience behind it, you’d think your soul would have all the answers. Sadly, that’s not the case.

Your soul is on a long journey here on the earthly plane, coming back time and time again to pick up new knowledge, and to learn what it is to be human.

If your soul had all the answers, there wouldn’t be much point in the game.

As it is, your soul uses the process of reincarnation to explore every facet of life for the growth it offers. During the process, it bounces from one traumatic event to another like a kangaroo in a minefield.

I often get clients asking me something like, “Are all my past lives as awful as the ones you’ve just described?”

The answer is no. Most of your past lives have been pretty mundane, spent working the land or baking bread in a monastery, interacting with other souls to work on shared agreements, and learning about cooperation and other important aspects of human life.

Though there are techniques to access those more tranquil lives for healing, it’s the dramatic and eventful ones that contain the trauma that so affects you now.

So, when I’m working with a client, they’re the ones that come up most frequently.

Your soul, in its relentless search for enlightenment, wants to roll up its sleeves when it gets here, and get involved in life. It seeks to explore and investigate. If it didn’t, we’d all still be in Africa chipping arrowheads from bits of flint and worshipping the sun and moon.

To ensure maximum growth, your soul creates a plan for each life that includes the above-mentioned places to go, people to meet, lessons to learn, and missions to be accomplished.

The problem is that things don’t always go according to plan. You might have chosen your circumstances—family of origin and location—with the intention of studying mathematics and becoming a teacher. But when your father loses the family home, you get pressed into service in the navy, and die after years before the mast from scurvy. Or maybe you planned to be a doctor, marry a soulmate and raise a family but instead, ended up face down in the mud on a battlefield with a bullet in your head.

For a past life to create a fear, phobia, limiting belief, or other block, something has to happen to take you off the path, to radically interfere with your ability to follow your soul’s plan.

It may seem obvious, but death is the big one. Premature appointments with the Grim Reaper take you off the plan like nothing else.

But many other experiences will do the same. Poverty, when it’s not part of the plan, can create huge fears around loss and an awareness that bad things can and do happen. Slavery, again when it’s not something your soul intended, creates a huge resistance to being controlled or having your personal freedom curtailed (Don’t tell me what to do!).

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In my experience, the most incredible healing has come from uncovering the past-life source of present-day blocks.

And the key is always to remind your soul that it can release the fear that whatever terrible thing happened to it 500 years ago is not going to happen again.

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