The average person would probably never make the connection between sleepwalking and past lives, but after working with thousands of people over two+ decades, nothing surprises me anymore.


In the middle of the night, Joseph* got out of bed and, still asleep, walked to the window, and stepped outside. The four-story fall resulted in him being rushed to the ER with multiple serious injuries and broken limbs.

This wasn’t the first time he’d walked through a bedroom window; the incident was one of many. On an earlier occasion, he’d fallen into the neighbor’s garden and ended up with a minor fracture. This time, however, he ended up in a wheelchair.

Joseph’s History of Sleepwalking

Joseph had been sleepwalking since he was a child, and it had continued into adulthood. Sometimes he would wake up in a panic, both sleepwalking and talking. Not surprisingly, his nocturnal activities had caused a lot of disruption and concern in the family.

Over the years, Joseph tried all sorts of treatment for his condition. He’d seen neurologists and top sleep experts (who thought his problem might be a form of epilepsy). He would avoid coffee in the evenings and made sure he didn’t play computer games or watch TV within two hours of bedtime. It helped a little, but the sleepwalking was still a regular occurrence, and had been since he was two-years old.

Joseph shared his problem with someone who turned out to be a client of mine. They suggested he book a session with me. As someone with a scientific background, past-life work would probably not have been something Joseph would have otherwise considered.

The Past-Life Cause of Joseph’s Sleepwalking

My client sessions are usually 60 minutes long, but since Joseph’s sleepwalking was the only thing he wanted to address, I suggested we find the cause, deal with it in 15 minutes, and then break the rest of the session into ten-minute calls a few months apart. That way we could monitor his progress.

I asked my spirit guides to explain the past-life source of his sleepwalking. According to them, Joseph had a past life in Norway during World War II. He was arrested and interrogated by Nazi soldiers who tied him to a chair and brutally tortured him. During his interrogation he could think of only one thing. In front of him was a window. He felt that if he could just break free for a moment, he could throw himself out the window and put an end to his suffering. Sadly, he was unable to break free.

I explained the process to Joseph. His soul, like all souls, struggles to separate the events of past lives from this life. He may be on life 100, but his soul, which doesn’t die between lives like the mind and body, sees it as life number one (like all souls do). By making him aware of what happened in the past, his soul would recognize that it no longer had to carry the memory with it. It would stop trying to escape, over and over again, from a situation that it didn’t need to fear any longer.

Progress, But Not Yet Perfection

When Joseph called for the first of his follow-up calls, I asked if he’d noticed any improvement. He said, “I’m a scientist, and I’ve kept a record of my sleepwalking for years. Since we spoke, I’m exactly 80-percent better!”

I told him, “That’s great, but I think we can do better.” So, we revisited the past life in Norway, and found a few more details about what happened. I always tell my clients that the work I do doesn’t come with any guarantees. But in my experience, when a past-life fear starts to shift, it will usually disappear completely.

Almost There…

A few months after his first session, Joseph called again. This time he told me he was truly amazed at the progress he’d made since we uncovered the past-life causes of his sleepwalking. “Since we last spoke, I’ve sleepwalked twice. In the past, it was such a huge problem, but now I didn’t walk more than two steps from the bed. It’s so much better, I don’t even keep a record anymore. I no longer have to tie my wrist to the bed at night.”

“I’m Cured”

When I spoke to Joseph a little over a year later, he said the sleepwalking is almost completely gone. There are occasional exceptions, like when he’s stressed, or has to give a presentation the next day. But it happens rarely and is nothing like it used to be. “I’m cured,” he told me.

Now that Joseph’s soul is no longer trying to end it all, his life, and that of his family, has been transformed. And that’s the way for many people I’ve worked with who have healed the most persistent challenges simply by reminding their soul of the past-life cause.

Why the Past is Not Prologue

When a challenge in this life seems to have no logical cause, when doctors are mystified or when all other treatments have had no effect, it’s highly likely that the cause is from an earlier incarnation. And the cure involves little more than reminding the soul it doesn’t have to fear the same thing happening again in this lifetime.

As the Transformation picks up speed, my hope is that the day will come when doctors, surgeons, and others in the healing professions accept the powerful potential for healing that past-life exploration offers. And that working together with past-life psychics and healers will be the norm, rather than the exception.


*My client’s name has been changed to respect his privacy.


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