Though the trial happened back in 2009, for some bizarre reason, the case has only now been publicized. In a nutshell, Robert Richards IV, an heir to the du Pont fortune, admitted to raping his 3-year old daughter and molesting his infant son. Shockingly, however, Richards was spared a prison sentence by Judge Jan Jurden, who said he wouldn’t “fare well in prison.” In a predominantly young-soul world, it’s not unusual for wealth and privilege to protect miscreants from punishment. It happens everywhere. If Richards were black or poor, he’d be locked up for life. As it is, he’s free on probation.

The justice system is seriously flawed, but freeing a self-confessed child rapist? What’s going on here?

On a soul level, Judge Jurden is an older soul (level 6) firmly trapped behind the Illusion, the barrier between the conscious self and the soul. She has a huge past life fear of inferiority that has made her a high achiever. In other words, her soul, afraid it will be seen as inadequate, has pushed her to over-achieve to “prove” itself.

Richards is also a level 6 soul, whose past life issues are in the area of intimacy and rejection. He has suffered abuse, himself. (That’s an observation from my Spirit Guides, and not meant to condone his behavior in any way.)

Like a lot of people with extreme past life trauma, he is emotionally detached from the suffering of others.

Should we feel compassion, as Judge Jurden did, for a broken soul like Robert Richards, or should he be locked up for the crime he committed?

The answer from the spirit world is both. My Spirit Guides were as outraged by this miscarriage of justice as I was. And though they’re generally the first to offer compassion towards traumatized souls, they observed that it’s Richards’ victims who are the ones most deserving of sympathy (and protection) in this case.

My Spirit Guides note that the system is continually being abused by wealth and class. From behind the Illusion, Judge Jurden identified with a rich white guy in a way that would never have happened if he’d been poor, or of a different race.

There are many ways to learn about who you were in your past lives.