The great thing about reincarnation is that you get to do things over and over again until you get them right. Which brings me to this week’s topic of past life talents.

All talents are past life talents. Any aptitude or ability you have in this lifetime is there because you’ve had the chance to develop it over your many lifetimes.

If you’re good at music it’s because you’ve had a lot of practice—not just in this life, but in others.

Your talents fall into ten categories. Most people have quite a few. Many have all ten. No matter what your specific forte happens to be, it will fit somewhere within those ten.

Every gifted baker will have many lifetimes of bread making in his or her past.

There’s not actually just one past life talent that helps to make your dough rise perfectly. The talent you’ll find in most bakers is Art (to visualize the finished product and make it look appealing), but might also include Construction (to be organized and methodical), or Activity (which comes in useful when you’re kneading dough or rolling pastry). Combinations like this will put you ahead of the curve when it comes to creating perfectly baked bread.

If you have a talent for Logic, this life will offer plenty of opportunities to use it.

Your past lives as an accountant, lawyer, academic, mathematician or engineer will come in handy at school, and help give you an edge when it comes to crosswords, or even when debating a topic with your spouse.

Everyone knows that if you’re a talented musician, you still need to practice.

Even Mozart had to put in the hours to develop his abilities on the piano. The same principle applies to all the talents. So if you came into this world with a marked ability to write (a talent for Communication) or swim (a talent for Activity), then you probably won’t become a bestselling author or an Olympic champion without working at it.

Understanding your talents helps you to know why you’re here.

If you have a talent for Music, you should be playing an instrument or singing. If you have a talent for Activity, then you’ll be fulfilled doing things that push you physically.

Since past life talents are the result of activities you’ve practiced before, it can be useful to revisit your previous incarnations to find out what you’ve been up to.

Finding a past life in which you excelled at a particular activity can help uncover hidden goals for your present incarnation, and enhance your enjoyment of things you do now.

It all comes down to finding meaning and purpose in your life. And I’ve found past life exploration to be one of the best methods of helping you do just that.

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