Do you ever wonder what is your soul’s purpose? Every soul comes to the physical plane with a purpose. While every soul has a purpose unique unto itself, a goal shared by all souls is to learn and grow.

And just as a child evolves into an adult through his or her learned experiences, your soul grows and matures through the wisdom gained from each incarnation.

Join Ainslie as he offers insights into the question, “What is your soul purpose?”

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Past Life Stories: What Is Your Soul Purpose?

What is Your Soul Purpose on YouTube

While every soul shares common goals like growth and wisdom, the best way to uncover your unique soul purpose for this lifetime is to work with someone like Ainslie.

With the support of his Spirit Guides, he helps clients like you remember what they came here to accomplish. And once you uncover your life plan, you are one step closer towards living the life your soul intended.

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Video Transcription – What Is Your Soul Purpose

Do you wonder what is your soul’s purpose? Join psychic guide Ainslie MacLeod to find out. What is the soul’s purpose? Well, your soul wants to evolve, and to do that, it has to keep learning. By the way, please stay with me to the end for a frequently asked question from my spirit guides. Your soul comes here to the Physical Plane to learn from experience. Reincarnation allows it to grow from everything it encounters while it’s here. As your soul has evolved, it has gone from a place fear to love, and from “me” to “we.” It has learned, through often bitter experience that we are all connected. Your soul has been on a long journey that has taught it the importance of love, compassion, kindness, truth, and other higher values. With every lifetime, it has learned that we are all souls under the skin, and that life is sacred. Every life has a purpose. And to understand who you are and why you’re here, you need to know what it is your soul seeks to learn from this incarnation. To learn more about your soul’s purpose, and how to work with Ainslie, visit ainsliemacleod.com and begin your investigation into Psychic Guide Ainslie Macleod’s SoulWorld here. And just to answer a frequently asked question: Do you come back as a dog or a fruit bat in future lives? The answer is, no, you will always come back in the same species.

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