This is an important and timely message that the Spirit Guides want me to share with you about how planet Earth needs you now.

Fire in the wild is rejuvenating, and is part of the natural cycle of life. Our forests are renewed through its cleansing effect. But when it encroaches on human settlements, the impact can be devastating.

Catastrophes like the current forest fires in California (and throughout much of the west), floods in Texas, and hurricanes in the Caribbean, remind us that our world is under stress.

We live on a planet with a fragile ecosystem.

And it’s the responsibility of spiritually conscious older souls—like you—to support environmental causes, and to elect officials who promise to work to reduce our dependence of fossil fuels.

We need action to help prevent these kinds of disasters from becoming a regular and predictable part of life on earth, like the changing of the seasons.

And the change is not going to happen as a result of the young souls in government suddenly waking up to reality.

We have to be the ones to make it happen.

It’s an intense time to be on planet Earth right now, but your soul chose to be here, and there are lots of opportunities to help make a difference.

If you’re not already signed up with one of the following groups (or another group of your choosing), I encourage you to do so now:


Sierra Club


Citizens Climate Lobby

Climate Solutions

Climate Reality Project


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