Old souls, those whose many incarnations have taught them the true value of peace, love, and other higher values, are understandably dismayed by the changes they see going on right now.

Change is inevitable.

We all know that, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. As the US, and by extension, the rest of the word, enters the Trump years, old souls find themselves facing changes that run contrary to their core values.

Belligerent young souls have the keys to the castle.

For the next few years, they’ll bring their limited worldview to the table, as they gut environmental protections, roll back human rights across the board, and make the world a safer and better place for no one but themselves and their cronies.

The key to dealing with change is not to blindly accept whatever life throws at you, but to deal with it as best you can.

Let’s say you lose your job unexpectedly, or discover your partner has been cheating on you for years. Do you shrug your shoulders and chalk it up to experience? Do you take to your bed, promising to not wake up until things get better? Well, you can, of course. But that won’t get you anywhere.

Life throws curve balls at us all the time. Seeing yourself as a victim of circumstances, helpless to change anything, serves no purpose.

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How you deal with change is up to you, but your soul will never thank you for hiding your head in the sand.

And just because what’s happening to the country (and the rest of the world) seems too big to deal with, recognize that old souls like you can make a huge impact simply by getting out there and showing a better way.

The Transformation, the global shift in consciousness that I wrote about in my second book, is already in motion, and it will affect us all. It will happen regardless of your involvement, but it will happen a lot more effectively with you behind it.

This is a time for old souls to get involved.

We’re seeing this in the way so many women (and men) took to the streets this last weekend. This is the Transformation in action. These are old souls following their soul’s urging to get out there and be an active participant in making it happen.

I encourage you to listen to the small, still voice of your soul. Get busy. Do something.

Don’t wait for others to make the Transformation happen.

Recognize that, as an old soul, it’s your job to lead by example, and to be an ambassador for old-soul values.