When your past-life fears and intuition collide, it becomes almost impossible to differentiate between what the truth is, and what are actually fear-based resonances from your soul’s traumatic past lives. Here’s an example of what this can look like in real life.

A couple months back, I noticed a foul smell coming from the closet in one of our rooms. I have a super keen sense of smell, and to me the scent brought to mind the phrase, “bowels of hell.” I experienced a moment of panic at first whiff and felt a deep sense of foreboding that I tried to brush off.

We called the septic company the next day. After giving our tank a clean bill of health, they recommended a plumber as our next step. My soul is working through a big past-life fear of Loss in this life. So after they left, my mind went straight to all sorts of worst case scenarios.

What a Past-Life Fear of Loss Looks Like Now

Things that happen in this life often act as triggers for your soul’s past-life fears. Something as simple as a bad smell can bring on feelings of extreme loss from its past. In another lifetime, maybe you lost your job at the stink factory, which led to losing your income. And that led to homelessness, starvation, and ultimately death.

So, the thing that’s happening now reminds your soul of the terrible thing that happened before. And your soul believes that if it happened before, it’ll probably happen again. And it’s gonna be bad. Real bad.

Your soul is so caught up in the fear resonances from its past, the default is to go right back there again. And there’s often very little logic to your soul’s response.

When the septic expert said we’d need to call a plumber, I went straight to worst case scenario. My mind was filled with terrors of mold, poisonous sludge, and sewer rats. I even worried about dying in our sleep of sewer gas toxicity.

Outwardly, I put on a brave face. But inside, I was certain the sky was falling.

Procrastination, and How Even the Strongest Intuition Can be Clouded by Your Soul’s Past-Life Fears

I’ve been actively working on strengthening my intuition since I met Ainslie. While my spidey sense was already pretty accurate, over our past eight years together, it’s become almost bulletproof. So, I was certain my foreboding was coming from a place of intuition.

In addition to worst-case scenario thinking, another common sign of a past-life fear being triggered is procrastination. While that’s most common with a past-life fear of Failure, it does sometimes accompany the fear of Loss. Which it did for me in this situation.

How that manifested with our plumbing issue was through me putting off finding help. I worried we’d call a plumber that would rip us off. Or that they wouldn’t find the cause but still charge us a fortune. And we’d die in the night from gas poisoning anyway. Or that our house would be ruined beyond fixing, and we’d wind up losing everything. It took weeks for me to finally make the call.

All of this was a classic case of past-life fears in action. But I didn’t realize it at the time – I really thought it was precognition.

When Your Worries Don’t Match the Situation

To give some context, while the smell was extreme to my sensitive nose, it wasn’t constant. It also wasn’t strong enough for Ainslie to smell it as much as I was. Basically, my fears were more extreme than the situation warranted. And while I’m never one to marginalize my or anyone’s feelings, in this case, they were simply out of proportion.

Now, despite being married to and working very closely with one of the most gifted psychics around, it honestly never occurred to me that my out of proportion fears might have a past-life connection. I was so caught up in the fear of Loss, I wasn’t able to gain some much-needed perspective.

And since I wasn’t sharing my concerns with Ainslie (so as not to cause him worry, which was an out-of-balance Caregiver soul type also at play), he didn’t know what I was grappling with. Which meant he couldn’t point out what I wasn’t able to see at the time.

I basically spent most of the past couple months convinced everything was going to fall apart, and fretting all along. Until last Tuesday, when the plumbers finally showed up. Despite me being certain my intuition was right, in reality, the experience couldn’t have been more positive.

The Worst Case Scenario That Wasn’t

The plumbers we wound up calling turned out to be two of the sweetest young men (brothers, even). And the issue was nothing more than a tiny, little crack in one of our pipes. It was easy to access, the fix took minutes and the cost was negligible.

Not only that, but it also turns out that the brothers used to visit our home when they were kids and the original family still lived here. The matriarch was a much beloved schoolteacher in the area who had an open-door policy for her students in need of some loving family energy.

And on top of all that goodness, the brothers gave us names of some other trustworthy tradespeople to call for future remodel projects on our list.

All of my fears had nothing to do with intuition or precognition, and everything to do with trauma from my soul’s past. I was so caught up in the fear of Loss, it was impossible to connect with my intuition.

Rebalancing Your Past-Life Fears and Intuition

The moral of this story? When not addressed, past-life fears can create some really powerful blocks that are incredibly disruptive.

You might have the best intuition in the world, but it won’t matter if one of your fears has been triggered and you don’t notice what’s happening. When the fear takes over, even someone as calm and grounded as me can get knocked out of balance.

Fortunately, when you recognize the fears as coming from your soul’s past, they lose their hold over you. And it becomes so much easier to get back into alignment with your intuition.

Introspection and Perspective are Key to Understanding Your Fears

I’ve spent some time processing this experience and thinking about how to approach similar situations differently in the future. Things would have gone so much smoother if I’d simply spent some time checking in with myself about my feelings at the time.

Or if I’d confided them to Ainslie. He would’ve easily recognized what I couldn’t in the moment. That my out of proportion fear-based thinking was all past-life related. He’d have reminded my soul “that was then, this is now,” and that past is not prologue.

Yes, bad things can and do happen on the Physical Plane, but not every situation is the worst-case scenario. I plan on avoiding a lot of angst and sleepless nights by remembering this in the future.

And I’m sharing this experience with you as a reminder to keep things in perspective. If you’re feeling unreasonably afraid about something – in a way that just doesn’t make sense for the situation at hand – spend some time processing your feelings. Whether through journaling, or by talking with someone trustworthy (even better when it’s someone who understands how past-life fears can manifest in this life). Ideally, both.

Just because the sky has fallen on you before in your soul’s past doesn’t mean it’s going to fall on you again in the future.


Have you experienced something similar? Did it ever occur to you that your overreaction might be coming from a place of past-life fear? We’d love to hear from you below.


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