Do you suffer from procrastination? Or do you want to get back to me about that in a week or two?

If you procrastinate, and so many of us do, it may be the biggest block to living the life your soul intended that’s affecting you right now.

You may be missing out on so many of the wonderful things your soul had planned for you in this life. And all because you’re putting off doing the very things you’re meant to be doing.

We all procrastinate at some point in our lives.

It can be hard to get fired up about doing your taxes or going to the gym. It’s easy to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” or to simply ignore the icky things until they go away.

But when your procrastination interferes with your life plan, your reason for being here, then you need to do something about it.

Why? Because, if you don’t, the consequences can be serious.

Living an unfulfilled life leads to a spiritual malaise that can turn to depression and, because your mind, body, and spirit are all part of the one bundle, that malaise can affect you physically, too.

Procrastination has a cause, and it’s not the result of anything in this life. The source is past lives of disappointment, ones where you failed to live the life your soul planned.

And with procrastination being a past life issue, it means it can be overcome by finding the original event or trauma that led you to feel, “What’s the point?” or “Things probably won’t work out anyway.”

Many times when I’ve said to a client, “You should be a dancer,” or “You’re meant to be a healer,” or “It’s your destiny to travel,” the response has been, “Yes, I know, but I’m so busy at work,” or “I’ll start my business just as soon as the kids go off to college,” or, “Yes, I know, but…”

Do you do that? Do you find excuses for not doing the things you know you should? Can you imagine how different things would be if you had the certainty to be able to say, “Yes! I want this in my life!”

Procrastination is just one of the many blocks you can heal through past life work. And when you clear that, you open the way for so much more happiness and fulfillment.

If I ask you:

  • Are you living live to its full potential?
  • Do you know who you are and why you’re here?
  • Are you doing all the things that make your soul sing?

And your answer is, “Kind of…” instead of, “Absolutely!” then we need to talk!



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