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PSYCHIC READING FAQs – Ainslie answers some frequently asked questions


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Before calling in my Spirit Guides, I’ll discuss your specific needs with you. Once I bring in my guides, I’ll use the Instruction or the Transformation as a framework for exploring your soul’s purpose. My Spirit Guides regard the session as an opportunity for you to have a dialogue with them. They will encourage you to ask questions and discuss issues that come up. The more you’re involved in the process, the more you’ll get out of it.
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For some people, one session is enough to get their life on track. Others are on a voyage of discovery and like to check in with me regularly. Depending on what comes up in the first reading, I may recommend that you schedule a further session once you’ve had an opportunity to process the information you’ve been given. You may be interested to know that over 95-percent of my clients sign up for more than one session. Most go on to have three or more. Many book recurring sessions.
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Though my Spirit Guides have the answers to any questions you might ask, they respect others’ right to privacy. They may sometimes avoid discussions that stray into a third party’s business if it has no bearing on your life plan. Some specific questions can’t be answered directly. The reason is that you have free will, and sometimes having too detailed an answer will interfere with your ability to make your own decisions. In these circumstances, my Spirit Guides will give you plenty of observations to help point you in the appropriate direction. Please remember that I specialize in helping people to live the life their soul intended. I’m not a detective, a counselor, a doctor or a legal advisor.

My Spirit Guides offer direction, insight and suggestions. They will never tell you what to do. They begin almost every observation with the words “We suggest…”

You are encouraged to use your own judgment and not make decisions based on their input if it contradicts your own intuition. (The reason for this is that there’s always a possibility of miscommunication. I once gave a client directions for dealing with a situation. A little later, I advised her not to worry. I meant that she shouldn’t let it disturb her. She took it to mean the Guides had changed their minds, and that she shouldn’t take any action. The situation was quickly resolved, and no harm done.)
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You’re welcome to make notes during the session, so please have a notebook handy. You might find it useful to write down specific questions you have beforehand, so you don’t forget anything once the session starts. Please read the following suggestions before calling for your session:

  • During your session, you will be working with your Spirit Guides. Please take ten minutes to relax before the session to make it easier for your Guides to connect with you.
  • Write down any questions you have so you can refer to them during the session.
  • The sessions are not recorded, but you’re welcome and encouraged to make notes.

Please remember that Spirit Guides are there, as the name suggests, to guide you, not tell you what to do. You have complete free will. Whether or not you choose to follow their suggestions is purely your choice. Take ten minutes after your session to center yourself before going back into the world.
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My Spirit Guides are wise and compassionate. They will never tell you anything that’s not in your highest interest to know.
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Both. At the start of the session, I allow a minute or so for our respective Guides to get “plugged in.” During the session, I’ll be talking to my Guides who are talking to your Guides.
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There are occasions when my Spirit Guides will decide that there might be a better time for a session. This is usually due to depression or some other block to receiving the information. If they won’t begin a session for any reason, we’ll reschedule and try again in a few weeks.

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