A Past-Life Approach to Sexual Healing

Let’s talk about sex!

From a spiritual point of view, great sex is up there with meditation, yoga and chocolate. It may not be essential, but it can radically enhance your enjoyment of life on earth.

Your soul is unable to separate mind, body, and spirit.

What this means is that if one part of the trio is blocked, it will affect the other two. This is why illness can lead to depression, depression can lead to illness, and lousy sex can make you miserable.

There are many reasons for sexual problems, but the one few people would ever think of is trauma from past lives.

A month ago, I told my client, Jeff, about a past life in Spain in which, as a boy, he’d been abused by a priest. In that life, he’d developed a huge amount of shame around sex, particularly ejaculation.

Well, it turned out that Jeff had been struggling with the effects of this past life for as long as he could remember. The resonance from the abuse he’d once suffered caused immense stress around sex. “I’ve never been able to get—or keep—an erection,” he told me.

The reason past-life exploration works is actually quite simple:

By reminding the soul that whatever ails it stems from another incarnation, and not this, it puts the trauma back into the past where it belongs.

A few days ago, Jeff called for his second session. To say he was ecstatic about the shifts he’d experienced in the last few weeks would be an understatement.

“I am blown away!” he said. “What you do is stunning! Everything changed immediately. I’m almost 60 and I’ve had this problem since I was a kid. Overnight, I became completely functional.”

I said, “I’m always thrilled when someone tells me they’ve healed 20 years of…”

“20 years?” he said, “Try 40 or more! I’m totally speechless!”

The timing couldn’t be better. Jeff has just recently embarked on a new relationship. She’s an “old friend,” a soulmate from more than one previous life together.

A relationship with a soulmate is not an automatic guarantee of success, but with Jeff’s past-life issue no longer holding him back in this lifetime, he stands a far greater chance of achieving a successful—and mutually satisfying—relationship than he’s ever been able to.

Everyone has the right to have great sex in this life.

Sometimes all it takes to create a dramatic and permanent shift is to remind the soul, “that was then, and this is now.” When it recognizes that its fears are from an earlier incarnation, not this one, it can simply let the anxiety go.

If you’re experiencing issues in the bedroom, we suggest you consider exploring a different approach to your problems by booking a session with Ainslie and his Spirit Guides.

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