If you’ve been following current events here in the U.S., I’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear there’s a connection between our current immigration policies and karma.

With all the horrific news stories and images of children being locked up in cages far from their parents and family, and the trauma they’re experiencing as a result, you might be wondering just what the heck is wrong with our government and those who support it?!

From a spiritual point of view, everything is wrong.

Trump’s Immigration Policies and Karma

The behavior we’re witnessing from those creating and supporting current immigration policies is cruel, petty, and totally unnecessary. The karma being incurred is monumental.

When comparisons are made between immigrant detainment centers and Nazi concentration camps, the spirit world is the first to agree. Click To Tweet

My Spirit Guides see plenty of analogies between our current administration and the Nazis. They also see a similarity in the consciousness of those who are capable of conducting, or even condoning, such barbarism.

Why Perpetrators are Incapable of Empathy

There are two main reasons perpetrators and their supporters have little or no empathy. The first is inexperience.

Many of those with anti-immigrant sentiments are young souls who haven’t yet learned that all of humanity is connected. 

The second reason is that these young souls, as well as some older souls, are being manipulated by those in power who have demonized and marginalized a certain group of people to their own end. As if often the case, this group is a minority.

You’ll notice that there are no detention centers full of white children on the Canadian border.

There’s a Big Difference Between Spirituality and Religion 

Those who use religion as an excuse for cruelty are usually young souls who abdicate personal responsibility by invoking the wishes of a higher power. (Interesting how their deity’s thoughts on the matter always seem to mirror their own.)

Many young souls feel impotent in the face of threats they don’t understand. 

To gain a sense of empowerment, they inflict punishment on others, even if it serves no higher purpose.

Immigration Policies and Karma are Inseparable Because the Spiritual Consequences of Taking Children from Their Parents are Significant

Even staying silent while such abuse takes place is karmic, as silence implies assent.

What does karma mean for those who condone such egregious behavior?

Since karma is all about balance, souls who are involved in deliberate acts of cruelty will have to find ways to balance the effects of their actions in the future.

Karma is never about punishment 

The idea that people are punished by karma is a misperception. The universe is endlessly loving, and as difficult as it may be to accept, the terrible things that happen on earth are a hazard of life on the Physical Plane.

Karma is about balancing an imbalance to help souls evolve.

Why Karma is so Important

Everyone must have a soul. And someone involved in harming children in this life will have to experience, at some point during their many incarnations, what it’s like to experience the consequences of their actions.

This means that many of the politicians and officials responsible for the current abusive immigration policies will end up in future lifetimes as refugees seeking a better life elsewhere.

Again, this is not about punishment. Karma is simply about balance. 

To balance the karma they incurred, the souls of perpetrators (and those who support them) will choose lives similar to their victims in future incarnations.

This gives their souls an opportunity to see both sides of the coin, and to experience the spiritual growth that comes from it.

The balancing of one life with the next is how souls learn compassion.

Eventually, those souls will identify with the plight of those who are displaced and separated from loved ones because they’ve been there themselves.

Spirituality is not passive

While the events you’ve been witnessing as a result of our government’s immigration policies have been horrific, I urge you to take a spiritual path in response.

As an old soul, it’s important to show compassion and support for the underdog, while also speaking out loudly and strongly against cruelty.

Remain focused and grounded. This is a time of great upheaval.

We’re in the midst of the Transformation, as we shift to the next level of (higher) consciousness. For some, this shift is scary because they don’t understand it, and they’re pushing back violently as a result.

You need to stand your ground. Stand up for what’s right, and speak out against the wrongs you witness. And remember to take care of yourself. You need to stay strong in in the face of all the negativity.

And don’t be fooled by assurances from those in power when they say the immigration problem has been rectified.

They’ve lied before, and they’re lying now. I’m sorry to say that the cruelty inflicted on immigrant children and their families is far from over. Which means we still have work to do.

Know that I’ll be right there with you along the way.


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