What Happens When Your Soul and Conscious Mind Separate

Your soul perceives mind, body, and spirit, not as three separate parts, but as one. And that’s why the ideal condition for any of us is when all three elements are operating in harmony.

The balance between mind, body, and spirit is different for each soul type. An outdoorsy, active Hunter type is going to be much more in the body than a cerebral Thinker type, whose balance is loaded more in favor of the conscious mind.

An imbalance occurs when the spirit—the soul itself—is separated from the mind.

You can tell immediately when someone is detached from their soul. Operating more from the conscious mind alone, they often lose what we’d describe as a conscience, or they lack empathy towards others. Since it’s the soul that imbues us with our empathy, someone who is blocked in the spiritual third of the triad is the kind of person we’d describe as egotistical.

Having an ego is not, in itself, a bad thing. We need it to be human. But without a connection to spirit, the ego takes over. In mild cases, you’ll get a narcissist. At the extreme end of the spectrum, however, it will cause, or at least contribute hugely towards sociopathic behavior.

No one is born a narcissist or sociopath. But many are born with the propensity to become one.

It can take almost nothing to trigger the condition. In infancy, a soul and conscious mind can detach over something as small as not being held, or because fundamental needs are being ignored. The cause is a past-life fear of rejection.

A past-life fear of rejection is common.

Almost everyone has some level of it. In a child, the fear will manifest as separation anxiety. In a teenager, it’s the tendency to push one or both parents away. In an adult, the symptoms are usually nothing more than feelings of being an outsider or having a tendency to isolate.

Unfortunately, for some, the fear of rejection and the hurts that accompany it result in the separation of mind and spirit.

Most narcissists or sociopaths, the ones suffering the biggest fear of rejection, don’t recognize their problem. The world revolves around their needs. They may learn to affect empathy or feign concern for the needs of others, but it’s not genuine. They will always put number one first.

The Spirit Guides see narcissism and sociopathy as being on the same spectrum.

The difference is that narcissism is most common in someone with the Performer in their soul types. Part of their narcissism is the need for attention or approval. A sociopath, on the other hand, could be any soul type.

Performer soul types come into this world programmed to seek attention. Over the years, I’ve had to reassure many of these outgoing souls that their search for the spotlight is not something negative, but a way every Performer finds an audience.

[By the way, if you thought I was going to avoid politics in this article, you were wrong!]

Lacking compassion, the level of pettiness and selfishness you see in someone whose soul is sidelined through a past-life fear of rejection can be astounding.

At a dinner in 2017, Donald Trump’s guests were served one scoop of ice cream, while he tucked into two. And though this behavior might seem trivial, old souls are uncomfortable with this because it points to something much deeper.

Younger souls, in comparison, are much less likely to notice that something’s wrong. A popular meme referencing the event reads, “Two scoops, two genders, two terms. Get over it.”

Over thousands of years and many incarnations, your soul develops compassion, often as a result of bitter experience.

As an old soul, you see the suffering of others as relatable. Their misfortune is something you know all about. The homeless guy at the intersection is you when you became a refugee in Russia two hundred years ago.

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The root cause is always found in a prior incarnation in which severe rejection or abandonment took place, and in most people, an imbalance between mind and soul is easy to heal through past-life exploration or regression. Even regular meditation can alleviate the issue.

In severe cases, you get someone like Donald Trump—a person devoid of empathy, going through life with an enormous sense of entitlement. Unfortunately, someone like Trump is not going to believe they have a problem, and so are never going to call me to explore their past-life trauma.

You need, as I said earlier, an ego to survive as a human being.

How much you need is hard to answer. We’re all different, and our life purposes determine so much of this.

However, just as with eating, drinking, karma, and a lot of other things in life, the key to a healthy mind, body, and spirit is through balance.


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