“Your soul is here to grow, and it uses what it learned in previous lifetimes to enhance this incarnation. Building on past lives is the key to personal evolution.”

~Ainslie MacLeod’s Spirit Guides

Imagine picking up a violin for the first time, dragging the bow across the strings, and saying, “It’s no good, I’ll never be a violinist.” How long do you think it would take for others to point out that you might need to give it more than two minutes to make that determination?

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? That’s right, practice!

Picture your soul on its first ever incarnation on the Physical Plane. Did it master being human after just one life? Absolutely not. It had to come back, over and over, to get to grips with all that being human entails.

Your soul’s prime directive is to evolve.

That means, if your soul is going to learn anything, it has to do it multiple times in a variety of scenarios. And that’s the reason for reincarnation—to ensure maximum growth.

Your personality is comprised of several soul types, each one with certain traits and behaviors that didn’t magically appear out of nowhere when you were born. They were developed over many lifetimes, and chosen before you arrived here.

All talents are past-life abilities you’ve worked on throughout your many tours of duty here on Planet Earth.

If you’re a healer now, you’ll have been a healer before. If you’re a dancer in this life, you’ll have been a dancer somewhere else in the past.

When you pick up something really quickly, it’s not because you’re necessarily smarter. It’s more likely that you’re relearning something you did before.

Every lifetime gives you the opportunity to practice different facets of being human. 

And the effect is cumulative. A past life as a creator soul type making dumplings in Shanghai will give you an advantage when you bake a loaf in 21st Century America. Likewise, having been a performer soul type who danced in Siam 100 years ago, you’ll stand out on the dance floor anywhere this time around.

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Not because you’ve practiced meditation a hundred times before, but because spiritual growth is the result of learning to be who you are: living the life your soul intended.

Someone asked me once, “If you have a talent, should you be using it?” The answer is yes.

By developing your abilities, you build on the lifetimes that went before. Plus, it can be fun relearning and improving on them. If you have natural aptitudes and talents, embrace them.

In the words of my Spirit Guides, “You don’t want to be 100-years old, looking back on your life, wishing you’d danced more.”


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