“I don’t even leave the room without telling my children how much I love them,” one of my clients told me. Another said she makes sure she tells her children she loves them “at least fifty times a day.”

What makes these individuals so openly loving is something called a mission of love. Chosen before they were even born, it gives each of them a lifelong focus on giving and receiving love. It puts compassion on the front burner. And it ensures that those around them never have to question whether or not they’re truly loved.

Missions give each incarnation a particular focus. By choosing several missions, your soul will seek out related experiences in this life.

A person with a mission of control, for example, will be learning lessons in the responsible use of authority, while someone with a mission of change will be
continually seeking ways to improve themselves (and sometimes the world). A person with both might become the leader of a charity devoted to helping life’s less fortunate souls.

By choosing a mission of love, your soul has decided that you’ll be learning big lessons in compassion. It knows life may throw some major love-related obstacles in your path, and it wants to make sure you turn even the harshest experience to your advantage.

One of my clients was born into a family in which the father was disinterested and detached. He ended up leaving and starting another family. For Jessica, the youngest daughter, losing her father at the age of five was heartbreaking. He never called or visited. Her letters to him were never

Having a mission of love, Jessica used the experience to learn the importance of love. “I would never hurt anyone the way my father hurt us,” she told me.

Like most people with a mission of love, Jessica is what might be called “touchy-feely.” She needs to both give and receive love. She finds it easy to say the words, “I love you.” Something she never heard from her father. Her soul has taken the harsh experiences of her childhood as a reminder of the vital importance of being able to manifest love.

You can tell if you have this mission by the extent to which compassion plays a role in your life, and how much you find yourself seeking ways to experience love.

You will have come into this world with a plan to have a family as a way to express the mission. If you don’t have family as a focus of your mission of love, you have many other options.

Animals are here to teach us compassion. Children, too, are sponges for love. That’s why having a pet or helping children can be so satisfying. One of my clients, someone with no children of her own, has become a devoted aunt to her brother’s three kids.

One of the most satisfying ways to fulfill a mission of love is to get involved in volunteer work. Spiritual acts, those things we do to help to help other souls, allow anyone with a mission of love to find fulfillment.

As the Transformation elevates our consciousness, taking human beings in a new, more spiritual direction, you can expect to see greater signs of the mission of love.

Increasing numbers of souls are choosing this mission as a kind of “default mode,” as opportunities grow for compassion to become the focus of an individual’s life.

If you want evidence of this shift in consciousness, just look at how easily you can express love compared to your parents. And if you have children, just notice how much more open they are than you or previous generations.

Love is your soul’s highest aspiration. A mission of love is a means to that end.

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