I posted a comment on FaceBook about the passing of Robin Williams, stating that the reason we feel the loss of some souls more than others is that they have the “Spiritualist” in their soul types, the elements that make up their personality.

In my past life stories, whether about celebrities or people just like you, it’s important to learn how what happened in your past lives impacts you in this one. And what you can do about it.

Souls like Robin Williams touch us on a deeper level than most through a spiritual connection to the collective consciousness.

Robin Williams Soul Types: Spiritualist And Performer

Robin Williams was a Spiritualist with a huge Performer influence. His soul was old (Level 10 – 30%), and he carried with him a past-life fear of loss. The fear would have created a deep sense of uncertainty about the future, as well as a general lack of complacency. My article brought up some interesting questions. Some people felt it unusual that a very old soul would take his own life.

In my own experience, those who are older seem more likely than younger souls to resort to suicide when life becomes overwhelming.

In my psychic reading & guidance sessions, I’ve noticed that when I tell someone they killed themselves in a particular method in a past life, it’s not uncommon to hear them say they thought about or tried to commit suicide in this life using the same method.

Under stress, the soul looks to the past for reference, which is why a client who took her own life with alcohol and medication in wartime England at age 19 revealed she’d made an identical attempt, at the same age, in this life.

There is no karmic consequence for taking your own life.

There is no punishment on the other side, or any law that states you’ll have to come back and finish anything you didn’t complete in this life. The universe is endlessly compassionate. The spirit world understands that sometimes life can be unbearable, or that suicide seems the only option.

No soul ever wants to bail out of this life, but sometimes the conscious mind makes decisions that are contrary to its desires. The only karmic debt occurs when suicide results in abandonment of a soul with whom you have an agreement, or when your actions interfere with another person’s life plan. Then the soul will want, in future lifetimes, to make things up to those it hurt.

Robin Williams’ soul will have been welcomed to the Astral Plane by souls who know from their own experience what it is to deal with life’s hardships. They will have greeted him with love and compassion, not criticism or judgment.

The soul that was Robin Williams had a past life in which he died after losing many members of his family in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. This event was responsible for causing his huge fear of loss.

When things got tough in this life, it would have been natural for him to slip into a feeling of “What’s the point?”

His soul’s choice of America for this last reincarnation was made with the intention of elevating the consciousness of a country it will have perceived as callous and unenlightened. That’s a major reason so many of his films were inspiring and uplifting. Many very old souls use alcohol and drugs to numb the often painful level of sensitivity they carry around with them. To them, the world can seem a harsh and unkind place.

Robin Williams’ soul was one of those gentle, good-hearted old souls, and his passing will impact us enormously. Let’s hope that one positive effect of his death will be to help elevate the collective consciousness, and particularly to encourage those who would pass judgment to be more compassionate and understanding of souls whose deep spiritual pain leads them to self-medicate with drugs or take their own lives.

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