This is Christine from Ainslie’s SoulWorld team. The recent Orlando shooting here in the US has us asking, yet again, why? How can there be such hatred and cruelty in the world?

Ainslie spoke with his Spirit Guides, and they wanted to weigh in for this week’s blog post.

Ultimately, it comes down to love and fear, and the choices each of us can make.

Heartless acts like the Orlando shooting are rooted in fear.

As an old soul, it is important for you to remember – when considering your response to tragic events like these – the option that reaps the most positive outcome is the path of love and compassion

Watch the video below to hear more on this from Ainslie and his Guides.

Instead of allowing yourself to be paralyzed or lose hope by what you hear and read about in the news, ask yourself what you can do to support those who were hurt in the Orlando shooting. Or how you can help other communities that are marginalized in our society through fear. Ask yourself, “How can I be of service?”

Remember, it is your responsibility as an old soul to avoid getting caught up in the fear.

One way to do this is by actively working on keeping your heart chakra open so you can stay in a place of love.

Ainslie’s Spirit Guides ask that you consider being a force for kindness in the world. This simple act has a profound impact on those around you, in ways you cannot fathom.

Choosing love and compassion is a powerful antidote to hatred and fear.


Video Transcript:

Fear is the antithesis of love. Fear is the force that causes humans to see themselves as separate from others. Fear is contagious. In the absence of love, fear spreads like a cancer, making acts of violence more likely, and more easily justified by those who perpetrate them.

Our souls are not programmed to hate gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, or any other group of souls. The fear that makes mass killings possible trickles down from above.

As an old soul, it’s imperative for you to choose the path of love. Being loving is about recognizing the humanity in us all, and working to create a more compassionate and loving world.

Be an ally – an outspoken supporter –of minorities who are marginalized through fear. And recognize the responsibility our leaders have to support them, too.

Put your energy behind those who share your values. Choose leaders who value compassion and love. Get behind groups that seek to promote equality. And remember the trickle-down effect of those who do, like Martin Luther King and the Dalai Lama.

Love is a force stronger than fear. If you want to see positive change in the world, remember this. And recognize that equality is an expression of love.