I spoke to my Spirit Guides about the recent Charleston shooting. Their first response was to express the serious need for ending this country’s obsession with guns. Their second was to discuss the contrast between love and fear.

“The fearful see the differences in others, while the loving see the commonality,” they said. “Fear is infectious.

That’s why the fear of ‘the other’ is rampant in this society. “The ability to transcend this fear is what spirituality is all about.

That is to say, that as you grow spiritually, you see the humanity in others, and lose the fear of those different from yourself. “The fear that is prevalent in the United States is a mistrust of other races. Being different is not, in itself, fear provoking. It is what being different conjures up in the imagination. Those who are different represent the other. And the other is scary for those least spiritual amongst you.”

“We ask that you consider the importance of creating harmony between races and cultures, as this is how peace in this society will eventually happen. Outreach programs are our suggestion for healing the fear and for creating a more tolerant and accepting society.”

“The racism you see expressed through violence is a symptom of racism that starts at the top, and filters down. It should be obvious that those in power have the ability to inspire fear or love. As long as they use fear to divide and conquer, their influence will cause fearful souls to feel justified in killing “the other.” The more we understand those of other races and cultures, the more we recognize that we’re all souls under the skin.”

And that will ultimately put an end to atrocities like the Charleston shooting. “Love,” my Spirit Guides say, “Is the antidote to fear, and an expression of the understanding of others.”