Pope Francis, who wowed America on his recent visit, has brought a refreshing level of liberalism and honesty to an institution that has a history of conservatism and hypocrisy.

Declining a lunch date with politicians in favor of an hour or two with homeless people speaks volumes about his authenticity.

When you look at the history of the Papacy, you’ll notice that kindness, acceptance, and a concern for the poor are overshadowed by the institution’s history of arrogance, divisiveness, and self-interest.

The reason Pope Francis bucks the system is that he’s an older soul than almost any other pope in history.

Most of them have been young souls who ended up in the position as a result of politics and a personal desire for wealth and power, rather than a need to serve.

Pope Francis is a Level 10 soul.

And amongst popes, that’s so unusual it makes me wonder how he slipped through the net.

His soul type is that of a Spiritualist (no surprise), and that’s what you want in a religious leader.

His primary Leader influence is the kind of thing you see in influential old souls.

It means he’s not just a puppet, manipulated by powerful figures in the Vatican like so many other popes. Pope Francis is his own man.

During his recent visit to the U.S., the pope met with Kim Davis (Level 5, Spiritualist/Helper), the Kentucky homophobe famous for her refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. The event was deliberately designed (not by Davis, but by enemies in the church) to embarrass him.

The liberal views Pope Francis so confidently expresses have endeared him to many older souls.

He speaks out on subjects like climate change, points out the evils of unbridled capitalism, and stands up for undocumented immigrants.

Though he might seem like a radical, his stance on equality, justice, and the environment is only unusual in that we’re not used to hearing from religious leaders who really do care about the less fortunate in society, or the degradation of the planet.

He’s really just expressing what any Level-10 soul should.

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We may never see him bless gay marriage, or support a woman’s right to choose, but we should appreciate his courageous stance on issues other popes have avoided.

As a Spiritualist/Leader, Pope Francis has the ability to influence people in ways that few others can.

And that will benefit us all, as his example elevates the collective consciousness, and helps take one more step towards a world of greater peace, compassion, and equality.