The gay marriage ruling the Supreme Court made this week is the Transformation at work! This week, the U.S. Supreme Court voted to legalize gay marriage in a ruling applauded by most older souls, yet criticized by many younger souls.

And though your stance on gay marriage is not a totally accurate way to determine your soul age, it seems that reaction to the news has been predictably divided along soul age lines.

Pundits on Fox News, a younger-soul entity, and voice of the predominantly young-soul Republican Party, have suggested the Supreme Court’s actions will lead to polygamy and Christian persecution.

Young-soul Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal, wants to “just get rid of the court.” And young-soul Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, plans to sponsor a constitutional amendment to reinstate the ban on gay marriage, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling.

The reaction of younger souls like Jindal and Walker, though political in many ways, stems from fear. These inexperienced souls have yet to learn that we are all connected. Their fear is of “the other,” and is no different from the fear-based reaction of younger souls a generation earlier, who fought to prevent the legalization of interracial marriage.

Every soul comes to the Physical Plane to learn and evolve. Part of that evolution involves recognizing that we’re all connected. Though older soul looks at others as fellow travelers, younger souls are more likely to see others as somehow different. This sense of separation can be based on anything from geographical location to physical characteristics.

An inexperienced younger soul might view anyone from outside its village or immediate community with suspicion. And they might be downright hostile to someone whose skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity, or spiritual belief is unfamiliar to them.

The Transformation and the Illusion

The problem is not simply one of young soul vs. old. In my book, The Transformation, I discuss the isolating effect of the Illusion, the barrier between this plane and the next. The Illusion is one of separateness.

Though more common in younger souls, it can affect anyone of any soul age. It acts to block the soul’s empathic connection with others, especially those it perceives as being unlike itself.

At its worst, it makes possible some of the worst brutality associated with human behavior.

Most often, however, it simply prevents one soul from seeing the humanity in another. The Transformation is the shift that will take humans to a higher level of consciousness.

It’s been picking up speed in recent years, and evidence can be seen in the greater than ever interest in spiritual literature, the success of Oprah’s Soul Series, and the increased acceptance by the establishment of alternative healing modalities.

In legalizing gay marriage, the Supreme Court has stirred up a hornets’ nest of indignation amongst the less spiritually evolved amongst us. But they’ve set in motion a change in society that, in a few years, will seem as normal as interracial marriage does now.

Interracial marriage was legalized in 1967, despite massive opposition. But it’s now so accepted, that when a justice of peace in Louisiana refused to marry an interracial couple, even Bobby Jindal called for him to be fired.

As our species’ consciousness grows, those who rail against gay marriage and the Supreme Court’s ruling will look as out of touch and idiotic as those who once claimed interracial marriage would destroy the family, Christianity, and the country.

And as the Transformation continues to elevate humanity’s consciousness, fear of “the other” will give way to greater acceptance of those who have traditionally been treated as unworthy of the same rights as everyone else.

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