Posted Friday 23 September 2011 “The death penalty is our society’s recognition of the sanctity of human life.” –Sen. Orrin Hatch, Level 3 Soul

The recent execution of Troy Davis is a shocking reminder that for all our amazing technological advances and great achievements, America is not the civilized society it might claim to be.

In a truly civilized society there is no death penalty. Troy Davis was innocent. But regardless of his guilt or innocence, cold-blooded execution is an uncivilized way to treat any soul.

In a state like Georgia, with a preponderance of younger souls, the death penalty is still used, despite having fallen out of favor in most other parts of the country. Older soul countries gave up on it a long time ago.

Executing criminals makes Level 3 and 4 souls feel safer. For Level 5 souls, however, it’s often more about power, control, and obedience.

Older souls may sometimes support the death penalty (as long as it’s not being applied to them), but when they do, it’s more a question of cultural influences, detachment from the collective consciousness, or fear.

The Supreme Court, which once stated that actual innocence is not a reason to overcome the death penalty, failed to help Troy Davis by referring the case back to a lower court. Pity he wasn’t Troy Davis Inc. If he’d been a major corporation he’d be a free man by now.

The karmic consequences will be significant for those involved in this abuse of the judicial system.

Anyone who could have stepped in and impacted the outcome will bear responsibility, as well as those who were directly involved. In fact, the person who administered the injection will have less karmic debt to deal with than someone like Barack Obama, since he could have exercised tremendous influence in the case.

Though it’s hard to see anything positive resulting from Troy Davis’s death, it has helped focus attention on the injustices inherent in the judicial process.

In this current period of Transformation, as our souls shift from Stage 3 consciousness to Stage 4, the murder of Troy Davis will create a spiritual ripple that will help ultimately to end the death penalty altogether.

One way to help give meaning to this shameful event is to become a vocal opponent of the death penalty. Organizations like Amnesty International is a good place to start.