This article was written in 2008 I’ve been asked by many people to find out the Soul Age and Soul Types of the candidates for this year’s election. Let me stress that this information comes straight from my spirit guides in the Soul World. My own politics are those of acceptance, but I’m keeping my own opinions totally out of the picture here. In the red corner, we have John McCain, a Level 5 soul, with his vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who happens to also be at Level 5. This is exactly what you’d expect, given their very obvious conservatism. Not only are both candidates of the same soul age, but they share the same soul type, too. They are Hunter types, though their influences are significantly different.

They are as follows:
 John McCain: Level 5 Hunter type, with Thinker and Leader influences.
 Sarah Palin: Level 5 Hunter type, with Performer and Spiritualist influences. This means is that both are task-oriented and very much of the Physical world. They are ambitious (hardly unusual in politicians, of course), headstrong, and risk being inflexible and hard to work with. At Level 5, Hunters are materialistic and lack introspection. They find it hard to see beyond the need to win. In fact, the biggest problem with Level 5 politicians (especially Hunters) is that they tend to want to rule, not govern.

McCain’s Thinker influence makes him more rational and introverted than Palin, whose emotional and often attention-seeking Performer influence will make her much more comfortable being in the spotlight. Palin’s Spiritualist influence gives her a religious slant to her politics that might become a sense of God-given entitlement. McCain has the Leader charm, though combining this aspect of his personality with the Leader influence will add to his inflexibility and lack of diplomacy.

Over in the blue corner, we have Barack Obama and his vice-presidential candidate, Joe Biden. The biggest difference between these two and their opponents is in the age of their souls. Both are Level 8, a point in their soul’s journey where being involved in “the process” contains huge lessons. Barack Obama: Level 8 Spiritualist type, with Thinker and Leader influences. 
Joe Biden: Level 8 Thinker type, with Leader and Spiritualist influences.

With both Obama and Biden being Level 8, we have a pair of old souls opposing two young souls. In Obama there is the inspirational quality of the Spiritualist, combined with the charisma and wisdom of the Leader. His Thinker influence will give him introspection and a desire for knowledge. Joe Biden is cerebral, but also has the Spiritualist and Leader influences. Since his Leader influence is primary, he’s a person who thinks deeply about his options before taking action. He‘ll have a strong sense of compassion with that Spiritualist influence in him. It’s quite a development to have two such old souls running in this election. It’s always going to be difficult for them to avoid the pernicious influence of lobbyists and corporate greed, but if they can stick to their core values, they can do their part to elevate the consciousness of the country.

I spoke in my book, The Instruction, about why spirituality and politics are inseparable. Who you are on a soul level determines much about your social and political view. The Soul World is not neutral in such matters. My spirit guides are neither Republican nor Democrat. They do, however, support the kind of values that will help create a fairer and more peaceful world. What this means is that my spirit guides will always favor a politician who puts the common good ahead of corporate interests, who chooses diplomacy over war, and who will advance spiritual values like freedom and justice.

McCain and Palin represent a narrower view of the world: one of nationalism and even puritanism. As Level 5 Hunter types, the risk is that they’ll act autonomously and quite possibly belligerently. Their lack of genuine empathy is a serious concern, and there’s some evidence relating Palin, while governor of Alaska, to the practice of charging victims of sexual assault for rape kits. In my spirit guides’ opinion, McCain has not been honest about his time as a P.O.W. in Vietnam, and that his chief guard’s claim that he was not tortured has some merit.

Obama and Biden are naturally more liberal on account of their souls’ ages. As a Thinker type, Joe Biden risks over analyzing, and may make decisions that are based on weighing the pros and cons, forgetting to listen to his intuition. Obama has a closer connection with the intuitive parts of himself, though the Thinker part is over-developed (a common risk in this culture, especially in someone who is legally trained), and may second-guess his intuition. Barack Obama has a great deal of self-respect. This is the result of acting according to his soul’s highest values, and is a quality that other older souls find alluring. Being an old-soul Spiritualist is, however, his strongest asset. He leads by example and inspiration, not through coercion and control. And for the many people who’ve asked me about Hillary Clinton: She’s a Level 7 Spiritualist with a primary Thinker influence and a secondary Hunter influence.