In the wake of his suicide, I’d planned to write about the life and death of Anthony Bourdain, but my Spirit Guides felt there was little I could do to add to the conversation about this inspiring old soul. Instead, they asked me to write an article about suicide in general.

No soul comes into the world with suicide as some kind of exit strategy.

Which means that, with few exceptions, when it happens, it’s something that derails a person’s life plan.

The impetus to take one’s own life comes from the conscious mind.

The soul is always trying to protect the mind/body/spirit bundle of which it’s a part. It will never urge anyone to take such a drastic course of action.

The means by which someone commits suicide, however, is often related to memories from past lives, and those are carried by the soul.

At a workshop in Canada a few years ago, I told a participant how she’d killed herself in a past life at the age of 19. In that incarnation, she’d been an Italian living in England during World War II. Afraid of being interned as an enemy alien, she took pills an alcohol to end it all.   

Her reaction to hearing about this past-life event seemed out of proportion until she described how she’d spent months in the hospital when she was 19, after attempting suicide with pills and alcohol.

I asked another client, one who’d committed suicide with a gun in a prior incarnation, if he ever thought about shooting himself. He replied, “All the time.”

I’ve often heard people say that someone who commits suicide is selfish, and will have to come back in the future and go through an identical life for the lessons they were supposed to learn. But this is not the case.

From the perspective of those in spirit, a soul whose life plan is terminated prematurely by suicide is deserving of nothing but compassion.

Sometimes life becomes so overwhelming that a person sees no way out, and whether someone takes their own life due to mental illness, grief, loss, loneliness, or injury, the attitude of the spirit world is always one of love and understanding.

For a person who takes their own life, there’s no blame or divine punishment once they get to the other side. The universe is endlessly loving.

If someone takes their own life without affecting anyone else, there’s no karma involved. But that’s rare. And when a suicide causes those left behind to go through terrible spiritual or emotional agony, there will be karmic consequences.

I’ve spoken to several souls who committed suicide. Usually there’s a deep sense of regret, purely because of the consequences of their actions on loved ones. One told me, “The moment I pulled the trigger, I wished I hadn’t.”

In future lifetimes, they can erase the karma by helping those they hurt to successfully complete their soul’s purpose.

When suicide is an impetuous action, a person’s soul will want to avoid the risk of the same thing happening again.

If you killed yourself in a state of high emotion a hundred years ago, your soul will seek to protect you by choosing, as part of your life plan, a desire for Safety.

Having a desire for Safety means you’ll look before you leap. It’s designed to prevent you from taking risks, but it comes with a downside. If you have it, you may become overly cautious.

As my Spirit Guides put it, “You might wait for the train to stop completely instead of jumping on board when it slows down.” And that can cause you to miss opportunities when they come your way.

There are three common signs of having taken your own life in another incarnation. One is the result of using a firearm. The second is from using pills, poison, or some kind of drug.  The third is related to hanging.

If you once shot yourself, you’ll have startle reflex that’s off the charts. And if the bullet entered your head, you may have an entry or exit wound somewhere on you now, and may suffer from headaches.

Ingesting something like cyanide will show up in this life in a curious way. It will cause your soul to go into high alert when it detects foreign substances in your body. It will work overtime preventing anything from crossing the blood/brain barrier.

When this happens, your system will reject medicines, and might prevent even something like aspirin from taking effect. And I can think of at least six clients who have reported having to take higher than normal doses of novocaine at the dentist.

The signs of having died at the end of a rope are discomfort with turtlenecks and tight collars, neck pain, and problems like thyroid issues, tonsillitis, or continual throat clearing.

Your soul and your spirit guides will never support you in committing suicide.

To do so would be contrary to their prime directive. They are, however, compassionate to a degree that’s hard for us to comprehend. To them, the person who ends their life, and those who are affected by them are worthy of nothing but the deepest love.

I hope it helps to know that Anthony Bourdain will have been met on the other side by a welcoming committee of souls who’ve gone before, whose own experiences of life on earth have given them profound compassion for tortured old souls such as himself.


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