When I spoke to Janelle on the phone, I told her about a past life from several hundred years ago in which she was a young man, an orphan from London, who ended up with a small farm in Virginia.

Unfortunately, he fell foul of a wealthy landowner who wanted to get his hands on the land.

The landowner poisoned their well, killing the young man’s wife and child. In a cruel ending to that life, the man who is now Janelle was accused of murdering his family, and lynched before he could get the truth out.

After telling her about that tragic life, I asked Janelle, “Do you have a fear of being poisoned.” There was a long pause. “I’m paranoid about being poisoned,” she whispered.

When Janelle used the word “paranoid” she wasn’t joking. “I’ve thrown away so much food over the years, you wouldn’t believe it,” she told me. “I always have to be the one to open a package or container. If anyone else does, I’ll throw it out. My husband has to taste all my food.”

A major trigger for her past life fear of poisoning was the birth of her children in the early eighties.

“When the kids came along, I began having terrible anxiety attacks. If the top of one of those little jars of baby food didn’t pop just right, out it went. Back then, all our water came from a well. I spent a fortune on bottled water, even though I’d have the well tested every few weeks.”

In 1982, there was a huge scare in the United States when someone laced capsules of the painkiller Tylenol with cyanide, killing seven people. At that point, the anxieties Janelle suffered exploded into full-blown panic attacks. At least she could finally point to that incident and say, “Look, it does happen—it’s not just my imagination.”

I’ve discovered that every past life fear fits into one of ten categories.

What Janelle was suffering from was a past-life fear of death, something that occurs when a death has been sudden, violent, traumatic, and disruptive to the soul’s life plan.  It shares the most common characteristic of any of the ten past-life fears: It’s irrational.

Janelle has never been poisoned in this life, but she’s been continually exposed to triggers. She would return from every trip to the supermarket with potential causes of death.

Since we explored that life in Virginia, Janelle’s life has changed dramatically.

As she succinctly put it, “I’m cured!” It didn’t happen overnight. In fact it took a month for it to happen. “I went to the fridge and poured myself a glass of milk. I walked away and suddenly realized I hadn’t checked the seal. It was quite simply the best day of my life.”

In my practice, I’ve helped people overcome a diverse range of issues through past-life work.

One of my clients suffered debilitating migraines for 15 years. They cleared up in a day or so after working together. Several others have overcome huge fears of flying. In one case a woman who had been told she’d never have a baby became pregnant within three weeks.

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Recognizing the symptoms of past-life blocks and fears is the first step to healing your soul.

In my book, The Transformation, I describe the symptoms of each of the ten past-life fears, and how overcoming their effects can not only help you live a happier and more fulfilling life, but will take you to a higher level of consciousness as the human race enters a new evolutionary phase.

This revised article was first published in the Watkins Review.