What Is A Past Life Regression?

Your soul carries limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, and other blocks from past lives that prevent you from experiencing true, lasting happiness in your current lifetime.

Past life regression takes you to the incarnations where those limiting beliefs originated.

Because your soul can’t separate one lifetime from the next, once you identify the traumas from your past, your soul realizes “that was then, this is now,” and is able to let go of the blocks from your past.

With all your many incarnations, there’s a lot of trauma from your soul’s past. Which is why regressions are such an important and powerful tool for personal transformation.

It’s like peeling an onion. The deeper you go, and the more you uncover, the more you heal—which frees you up to live a happier and more fulfilled life now!

Ainslie’s Regressions

During his one-on-one sessions, Ainslie explores your past lives with his Spirit Guides on your behalf. But in group sessions, he uses a regression technique given to him by his Guides to help you uncover and heal past lives for yourself.

Because past life regression is a learned skill, the more regressions you participate in, and the more work you do to process what’s revealed, the more profound the potential is for your spiritual healing.

That’s why, as part of his Soul World membership program, Ainslie guides members through past life regressions each month to facilitate powerful healing.

His Spirit Guides say that past-life healing is one of the most powerful ways to clear your soul’s fears, phobias, and limiting beliefs. And outside of a private reading with Ainslie or someone like him, one of the most effective way of doing that is through regressions.

If you’d like to learn about membership in Ainslie’s Soul World community, click here.