What Is A Past Life Regression?

Your soul carries limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, and other blocks from past lives. They can prevent you from experiencing true, lasting happiness in this life.

In one-on-one sessions, Ainslie explores your past lives on your behalf. But in group sessions, he uses regression technique given to him by his Spirit Guides to help you uncover and heal past-lives for yourself.

In Ainslie’s Past life regressions, you are guided back to a prior incarnation to uncover and heal the traumatic events that show up as everything from low self-esteem to an inability to make decisions in this life.

Past life regression can result in positive – and permanent – transformation in your current lifetime!

Watch Ainslie’s “What is Past Life Regression” video on Youtube

Would You Like to Participate In a Past Life Regression with Ainslie?

Each month, as part of his SoulWorld® Community membership program, Ainslie guides members through an online past life regression intended to help them heal and evolve. After the regression, Ainslie allows ample time for members to process their experience with him and his Spirit Guides.

Ainslie strongly believes that past life regression is a learned skill. The more regressions you participate in, and the more work you do to process what is revealed, the more profound your spiritual healing. Which is why regressions are a monthly benefit of membership in Ainslie’s SoulWorld® Community.

Ainslie has been leading his clients and members through past life regressions for nearly two decades. And he knows what he’s doing. His regressions are unique, efficient, and effective!

Normally, Ainslie only conducts regressions as part of his workshops and retreats, or as part of his SoulWorld® Community membership. But a few times each year, Ainslie opens up his live, online regressions to the general public.

“Though past-life regressions, I’ve seen people heal pains, blocks, and phobias they’ve sometimes had for decades,” Ainslie says. “I, myself, cured a lifelong phobia of public speaking in a twenty-minute regression.”

Ask yourself:

  1. Are you stuck, struggling with low self-esteem, sabotaging yourself, or unable to find your passion?
  2. Do you have fears, phobias, limiting beliefs or other blocks?
  3. Do you have unexplained chronic pain or areas of weakness in your body?
  4. Have you ever considered that everything that stops you from living a happy and fulfilling life might stem from a traumatic past life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, past life regression is a powerful tool to help you move beyond the stuck place you’re currently in!

How to Participate in Ainslie’s Monthly Past-Life Regressions

Everyone is invited to participate in the free, online regressions that Ainslie holds a few times each year, and we encourage you to sign up for his next one (CLICK HERE to learn more, and to be added to the list).

If you’re really serious about your spiritual growth, and ready to make the investment in yourself, then membership in Ainslie’s SoulWorld® Community is the best next step for you.

As a member of Ainslie’s SoulWorld® Community, you will not only be able to join in Ainslie’s monthly past life regressions, you will also gain access to a wealth of resources intended to guide you on your soul’s journey of fulfillment!

Membership benefits include:

  • Monthly 60-Minute Class – Content directly from Ainslie’s Spirit Guides
  • Monthly Q&A Session – Members-only opportunity to have questions answered (anonymity respected)
  • Daily Insights and Topics for Discussion – Engage with Ainslie and your fellow members to help you take your spiritual growth to the next level
  • A Secret Online Forum – Your private, members-only forum – the SoulWorld® Lounge
  • A Constantly Growing Audio and Video Archive – Access to Ainslie’s library filled with content – both current and archived – and only available to members
  • Yearly Live Event Your chance to meet Ainslie in person, and get to know your fellow SoulWorld® Community members

Plus: Priority Scheduling and Special, Members-Only Rate for Sessions With Ainslie and his Spirit Guides!

Learn more about membership in Ainslie’s SoulWorld® Community, including how to sign-up, HERE.