Do you wish you could quit your addiction? Have you tried everything, but are still struggling? What about past-life exploration?

If, like my client, Andrea, you were a slave in a past life, you’ll resist being told what to do.

The motto associated with those who were once enslaved or imprisoned is “Don’t tell me what to do!”

The problem is that onetime slaves often carry a past life fear of inferiority into future lifetimes, which can put them into a place of victimization.

When these souls become victimized by things like food, alcohol, drugs, or—in Andrea’s case—cigarettes, they feel helpless to overcome their addiction.

By the time I spoke to Andrea, she’d tried everything. Or at least she thought she had.

The one thing she hadn’t tried was past life exploration. It turned out all we had to do to get her over her decades-long addiction to tobacco was to find a past life of slavery, which didn’t take long. She’d been a slave worker in a factory in Poland during World War 2.

I told her about the past life and, interestingly, my Spirit Guides suggested she’d have better luck giving up smoking if she kept a pack in plain sight. It would prevent her soul from feeling deprived.

After our session, I wished Andrea well and sent her on her way. I’ll let her tell you what happened next.

“I tried everything to quit smoking: nicotine patches, gum, hypnotism, and even cold laser therapy—twice. The reality was, that I was never going to quit, no matter how many times I told my family and friends that I was trying.

“Ainslie said something during my first session with him, though—I don’t know how to explain it—it was like an arrow that shot past all of my reasoning and the justification of my monkey-mind, and straight to my soul. I never sensed any judgment coming from him—I think that’s important to share.

“Soon after my session with Ainslie—maybe within two weeks—and without even trying (if you’re a longtime smoker, you know how absolutely crazy that is for me to say), it’s like the habit just fell away.

“I cannot put into words how big of a miracle this is. I am so thankful for Ainslie. I told him the other day that he saved my life, and I truly believe that.

“I haven’t smoked since November of 2016. On almost a daily basis, I’m in awe that I no longer have this habit that dictates when I have to go outside for a smoke break, or away from others just to feed a nicotine craving. It’s a freedom I never thought I could experience again.”

Pretty remarkable story, isn’t it? And yet, it’s really very simple to explain.

After a life of slavery, many people have a heightened need for personal freedom. Ironically, they begin smoking as an expression of freedom, but end up becoming victims once again—this time, to their addiction.

Healing her soul’s past life trauma allowed Andrea to unshackle herself from the chains of her addiction, and to finally experience true freedom.


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