It’s the beginning of a new year and you’re all fired up to make big changes. You’re motivated and ready, confident that this is the year you actually follow through on all the promises you’ve made to yourself.

But how often have you begun the year with optimism and conviction, only to find yourself feeling stuck and in the same old place of inertia before January is even over?

Sound familiar?

The major culprit is a past-life fear of Failure. And if you have it, you’ll find it keeps blocking you from reaching your new year goals.

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A fear of Failure is the inevitable result of a past life of disappointment—usually one in which you never really got on your life plan, or maybe didn’t even make it past the age of 20.

The fear manifests in this lifetime as procrastination (what’s the point in doing anything if it probably won’t work out, anyway?), and a lack of belief in your own ability to manifest your goals (other people always seem to be more successful than me).

During a client session today, I worked with an author who said, “I feel blocked—like something is holding me back.”

The Spirit Guides took us to a past life we’d uncovered during a previous session about a year ago, saying it hadn’t yet been fully processed.  

In that life, my client was a girl born into a Soviet work camp. Her earliest years were marked by endless hunger, cold, and loss. She ended up living in poverty in a suburb of Moscow, and died of a heroin overdose in a dismal apartment while still in her teens.

When we first explored the past life, my client saw plenty of resonances with the present. When I asked if she hated the cold, she answered, “I’m looking forward to having hot flashes!”

But what has been holding her back most is her soul’s fear of failure.

Though her experience of life in a Soviet gulag was appalling in every way, it was all she knew. Her soul saw life in Moscow, not as a step up from imprisonment, but as a precursor to loneliness and death. As a result, the change that success would bring her in this life was something her soul was actually resisting.

By revisiting the past life during today’s session, we’ve done all we need to remind her soul that change is good, and that disappointment is literally a thing of the past.

Now, without a fear of Failure dogging her every step, she can have the successful life she’s meant to have.

If you’re looking forward to getting unblocked in 2018, and achieving more of the big plans you’ve made in the past couple days, one of the fastest ways is to explore the past lives of failure that are holding you back.

It’s all a matter of reminding your soul that “that was then, and this is now.”

I’ll revisit my client’s story in a few months after she publishes her book (which is inevitable, now that she’s beaten the past-life fear of Failure). Stay tuned!


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