Death from hypothermia is something many old souls have experienced at one time or another during their incarnations on the human plane. If you suffer extreme pain and discomfort from cold weather, and you just can’t ever seem to warm up, you may be one of those old souls who experienced a particularly traumatic hypothermia death.

Join Ainslie as he offers insights into why a past-life death from hypothermia can trigger a past life memory in your current incarnation.

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Past Life Stories: Death from Hypothermia – A Past Life Memory

Death from Hypothermia on YouTube

Don’t You Think It’s Time To Let Go Of The Past?

Your soul holds onto traumatic memories from past lifetimes. Because it has difficulty separating one life from the next, it will cause you to experience reminders in this incarnation that can get in the way of living your soul’s purpose.

If you experienced the trauma from death by exposure or hypothermia in a past lifetime, it often shows up in this life as extremely cold hands and feet, low body temperature, or even severe anxiety brought on by cold weather.

It’s important for the person struggling with these physical ailments  to move through these resonances from the past by engaging in past-life work, and to remind the soul – that was then, this is now.

By communicating directly with your soul, Ainslie and his Spirit Guides can help you let go of limiting beliefs, fears, and physical challenges that result from traumatic past-life memories. Thus, bringing you one step closer to living the life your soul intended.  

Video Transcription – Death from Hypothermia: A Past Life Memory

Many people have ended past incarnations with death from hypothermia. Join Ainslie MacLeod, internationally-acclaimed psychic guide, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author, as he discusses the effects of a past life death from hypothermia. Do you have cold extremities? Reynaud’s disease? Do you get anxious when you’re out in cold weather? Do you shiver when other people are saying how warm it is? It’s very likely that the cause is from a past life in which you experienced death from hypothermia or exposure. By the way, stay with me to the end of this video, where I’ll show you how to learn more about ways your past lives affect you. My client, Lydia, was born and raised in an English speaking family in the US. I told her about a past life in which she’d been a French-Canadian fur trapper who died of hypothermia when he got lost in the snow. I asked her if she had any resonances from that past life. The kind of thing I’d expect would be extreme discomfort in the cold, or a problem with cold extremities–her hands and feet. What she told me was quite extraordinary. One night when she was little girl, her mother heard a strange voice coming from her daughter’s bedroom.  When she looked in, the room was warm and Lydia was asleep. But she was freezing cold, and her lips were blue. Not only that, but she was speaking in French. In her sleep, Lydia had tapped into her sad and untimely death from hypothermia in the wilds of Ontario almost two hundred years ago. At the beginning of the video, Ainslie promised to share ways to learn more about how your past lives affect you. Get started on your journey of exploration by visiting soulinstruction.com. There, you can download a free chapter from his book, The Instruction, and gain free access to Ainslie’s inspirational video series, Insights from the Spirit Guides. And you can take his Soul Type Quiz to help you on your journey towards living the life your soul intended.

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