Do you operate like a high-achieving firstborn (even if you’re not the actual firstborn)?

Does it feel like your quest for perfection constantly gets in the way of good enough?

Are you always giving your very best, but still feel you could have done better?

If you do, you may be suffering from what I call the “perfect storm” of past-life fears.

Judgment is the past-life fear that causes you to have an excessive concern about how people perceive you, or what they say or think about you.

And it can make you hyper-sensitive to criticism.

Inferiority is the past-life fear that results from having been treated as lesser in an earlier incarnation.

It will give you self-esteem issues to deal with in this life.

When these two fears collide, you have the perfect storm.

Worrying about being seen as incompetent, and being desperate to avoid criticism, you might become the person who works into the wee small hours to ensure a report is flawless.

You might even be what’s often labelled as a perfectionist, or worry that eventually people are going to “see through you.”

The imposter syndrome that affects so many people in the workplace is the fear of inferiority (low self-esteem) exacerbated by the fear of judgment. Its sufferers often feel unqualified compare to others.

Yet, even when they get a master’s degree or another certification, the symptoms don’t go away. That’s because the fear is irrational, and stems from past lives, not the current one.

The key to healing is, of course, to uncover the past lives that caused the fears of judgment and inferiority in the first place.

When you do, it doesn’t mean you suddenly stop trying to excel, or settle for less than you’re capable of accomplishing.

The past-life healing simply ensures that your desire to achieve or do well comes from a healthy place, not one of fear.

And it frees you up from worrying about others so you can start focusing on the things that make you happy.

Are you battling the perfect storm? I’d love to hear your story below.

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