It’s medieval Germany, and you’re a terrified peasant being hauled in front of an imposing bully of a judge for stealing a chicken from a market trader.

The judge has no time for any excuses. Cursing you for your godlessness, he sends you to the gallows. A few hours later, terrified and helpless, you’re swinging on the end of a rope.

Now imagine you miraculously survive the hanging, but through some cruel twist of fate, you end up in the identical situation just a week later, dragged in front of the same judge all over again. How do you think you’d feel?

This time, the fear might be even greater, knowing you’re facing a cruel and violent death once more. You might go into a full-blown panic as the adrenaline starts pumping, sending a fight-or-flight message to your brain.

This sense of history repeating itself—a kind of spiritual deja-vu—is how many a person’s soul feels when it finds itself in a situation that mirrors one from a previous incarnation.

“If you faced a trial followed by execution many lifetimes ago, then even the warmest audience now can cause you to go into fight or flight, as your soul responds to a perceived danger.”

~Ainslie’s Spirit Guides

For some people, the mere idea of public speaking is enough to trigger a panic. For others, it’s an ordeal that can best be dealt with through painstaking preparation and a couple of beta-blockers.

The actor, Laurence Olivier, would throw-up before every performance. A champion British darts player found himself unable to release the dart under pressure. The singer, Barbra Streisand refused to appear on stage for decades because of stage fright.

When you dread giving a recital, do everything to avoid a speech, sweat bullets before every presentation, or go to pieces in front of an audience, the root cause is always judgment from a past life. Most often, the experience your soul remembers is one that led to death.

Stage fright, performance or test anxiety, and the fear of public speaking all respond very quickly to past-life exploration. It’s usually just a question of finding a traumatic event in which your soul underwent extreme judgment.

The soul being, in a sense, immortal, is unable to easily separate one life from the next. Click To Tweet

When your soul faces an audience in the present moment, it can take just a microsecond for it to recall an earlier time when it faced a similar situation. And, if the audience back then happened to be a judge and jury or a lynch mob, its fear will trigger a fight-or-flight response to get you out of danger.

I healed my own phobia of public speaking through past-life exploration.

Shortly before I did, however, a friend who shared my fear asked, “Would you rather lose a finger or give a speech?” I thought about it for a moment and said, in all seriousness, “Which finger?”

These days, however, I’d rather give a speech than not give one.

After decades of never speaking in public, I joke that I’m now making up for lost time.

What about you? Does this article resonate for you? Have you done any past-life exploration around your fear? I’d love to hear from you below!