Nail biting is a big problem for many. But those that take it to the extreme may be surprised to hear that their terrible habit may actually be related to a past life. If your nails were involved in a terrible death from a past lifetime, your soul may be trying to erase the traumatic memory by getting rid of the painful reminder. Which may translate to you biting them to the point of bleeding.

Join Ainslie as he offers insights into how painful past lives can impact you now.

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Past Life Stories: Nail Biting – A Past Life Problem

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Are Past Life Memories Limiting You in This Lifetime?

Do you have unusual quirks or idiosyncrasies that seem to make no sense? Traumatic memories from past lives often show up as bad habits or obsessive behavior.

Yet, profound healing can begin the moment your soul is able to separate past from present.

Ainslie has helped thousands of people move beyond the limitations imposed on them by past life trauma in one-on-one sessions, and through participation in his SoulWorld® Membership Program.

Once your soul recognizes that a certain negative behavior stems from a previous incarnation, healing can often be instantaneous.  

Video Transcription – Nail Biting: A Past Life Problem

Do you bite your nails? Have you ever wondered what causes nail biting? Join Ainslie MacLeod, internationally-acclaimed psychic guide, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author, as he discusses how the causes of nail biting may be connected to past life trauma. I’d like to share a story with you about how the causes of nail biting can relate to past lives. My client, Sarah, had a past life in France during World War One.  She was a young man living with his mother in a farmhouse. One day, their home was shelled by German troops, bringing a wall down on them both. He managed to claw his way out, tearing off his fingernails in his desperation to survive. He tried to rescue his mother who was severely injured, but she died before he could dig her out. He, himself, died soon after from severe abdominal wounds and shock. I asked Sarah if she had any issues with her fingernails. Well, she did. And I should warn you that some of what I’m going to tell you is extremely unpleasant. She’s had a lifetime of issues with her fingernails. From the time she was little, Sarah had chewed the ends of her fingers until they bled. She’s always been terribly ashamed of the state of her fingers, and would keep her sleeves down over her hands. I don’t imagine Sarah had ever considered that the causes of nail biting would be something that happened in another life. I got an email from Sarah some time later, and I want to give you this just as she wrote it. “After our last session, I didn’t think much about the life you described to me, and I just forgot about it really. And then about three weeks later I noticed my nails were long. I have fingernails. I have the longest, most unbelievable fingernails. For the first time in my life! Like, long, long. I have to cut them. It’s really unbelievable. I have bitten my nails since before I can remember. It seems silly, but I cannot tell you how healing it is to me to not feel ashamed of my hands in public. I feel like a grown up, like a woman, like I’m lovely. It’s been a very powerful and deeply healing event to look at my hands and see them not hurting. “ Sarah’s nails reminded her soul of the awful events that happened a hundred years ago, and it was trying to erase the memory by getting rid of them. At one point, and I know this might be shocking, but she’d even gone to the extreme length of ripping off her toenails. Hearing about the traumatic events from 1915, however, was enough to get the healing going. We just had to remind her soul that it was all in the past. To learn more about how your past lives affect you, visit soulinstruction.com. There, you can download a free chapter from Ainslie’s book, The Instruction, gain free access to Ainslie’s inspirational video series, Insights from the Spirit Guides, and take Ainslie’s Soul Type Quiz to help you on your journey towards living the life your soul intended.