In Venice, just a couple of days ago, my wife, Christine, and I explored (by candlelight) a rarely visited crypt beneath the Chiesa San Simeon Piccolo, a 17th Century church on the Grand Canal.

Christine kept seeing the distinctive green dome from different points in the city. She felt drawn to the building for reasons that would later become clear.

According to one of the few websites to describe Chiesa San Simeon Piccolo, “There are reports of an unusual octagonal crypt with four frescoed corridors of tombs radiating out, the frescoes depicting images of death and the Day of Judgment.”

We can confirm the reports. The crypt does, indeed, exist.

Though it has clearly been totally neglected, and most of the frescoes are difficult to make out.

Candles in hand, we made our way underground, the only visitors to what my Spirit Guides would later describe as one of the hidden wonders of Europe. Sadly, they see no hope for any kind of restoration in the future.

After twenty minutes spent silently investigating the primitive frescoes in almost total darkness, we were joined by a restless spirit.

A check-in with my Spirit Guides after we got home revealed the soul was a former Benedictine monk, whose spirit has been stuck between this plane and the next for hundreds of years.

Why? Because he was denied proper rites at the time of death, and fearing eternity in Hell, his lost soul has stayed close to the Physical Plane.

When we asked if there was anything we could do to help, my Spirit Guides described a plan to help release the old monk from this world so he can go where all souls eventually go–to the Astral Plane.

With detailed instructions from the Guides, we went back the following day to carry out a simple ceremony to help the monk (they called him Benedictus) cross over.

Once again, alone in the dark with just a candle each for illumination, we stood together at the entrance to a small tomb and invited Benedictus to join us.

Our instructions were simply to reassure him, and send him to the light. We were to project love and encouragement. No need to talk in Italian or Latin. His spirit, we were told, would understand us. And, more than that, he would believe us.

It didn’t take long before we could tell that something had definitely shifted, and–as instructed by my Guides–we left shortly thereafter.

When we checked in with my Spirit Guides a few hours later, they were delighted with the way things had gone, and commended us on a job well done.

They described what we did as an example of how those on the Physical Plane can step in and help those in spirit.

My Guides expressed the wish that more people were aware of this potential for interaction between the two worlds. (Which is why I’m sharing this with you.)

According to my Guides, “Hearts are seen by those in spirit.” If your heart is open, it is recognized, and the spirit will be drawn to you.

In many ways, what Christine and I did was a simple thing. Neither of us was afraid, it was not a particularly difficult job, and didn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

But the Spirit Guides are deeply appreciative, and wanted me to share their wish that more people were aware of their power to interact with those in spirit.

The spirit world is trying all the time to get in touch with you. And a very simple way to make that connection is through love and compassion.

When you cultivate an open heart chakra, you create a “sympathetic home that spirits are drawn to.” And sometimes, your simple act of love is all that’s needed to help rescue a lost soul.