One month ago, my client, Linda, had her 50th session with me. (No one else has come close to that many.)

I’ve been working with her for eight years in an exploration that has spanned centuries, taken us to every part of the world, and included several past lives where we knew each other.

Sadly, after a long struggle with diabetes, Linda passed over to the other side a few days ago. And, though we never met in person, I’ve felt the loss deeply.

Her intellectual and spiritual curiosity made her a delight to work with.

And she found a place in the hearts of my wife, Christine, and my assistant, Adriana, as well.

I knew, last week, that Linda was not long for this world. But I knew, too, the moment her soul left her body, because an alarm went off. And I don’t mean that metaphorically.

At 11:30 on Friday night, Christine and I were getting ready for bed when we heard a mysterious buzzing in the room.

It took several minutes to locate its source: an old travel bag neither of us had used for two or three years, hidden behind the dresser. I pulled it out and rummaged through it until I found a travel alarm clock at the bottom. It was buzzing away, and wouldn’t turn off. Eventually I had to pull the battery out to make it stop.

I knew right away it was Linda, and we sent her a little prayer with our love and appreciation.

The next morning, Christine called Linda’s sister for an update. Sure enough, Linda had died at the exact time the alarm went off. We confirmed with my Guides it was their way of getting our attention.

And there’s more. She passed away, but shortly after, she came back to life. This happened several times over the space of hours; she would die, and then come back to life. The hospice nurse said she’d never seen anything like it. Her sister and everyone in the room were blown away by it.

As it turns out, Linda was hanging on—or at least her soul was—because, as my Spirit Guides put it, “She didn’t want to miss her own funeral!”

If you’ve been following my blog posts, you’ll know Christine and I had an extraordinary experience in Venice recently, when we helped a Benedictine monk to finally cross over after a few centuries between planes. So we knew what to do.

Helping Linda to release this world and head over to the next was simply a matter of reminding her soul that it would have priority seating at the funeral from the Astral Plane. We gave her soul a “go to the light” message, and assured her that her loved ones were forming a welcoming committee for her on the other side.

The next day, we had a chat with Linda from her new digs on the Astral Plane.

She has chosen to act as a spirit guide on our behalf, which Christine and I both find very touching. She asked us to toast her passing with a glass or two of French champagne, and when I asked if we could use the bottle of Prosecco already in the fridge, she was insistent we get the real thing. Linda had spent some happy years in France, and had a master’s in French, so it had to be proper champagne.

Having had to deal with poor eyesight for years, it was delightful to hear Linda say, “It’s good to see you both now.” I’ll miss our sessions together, but am delighted to know she will be part of my team of spirit guides.

Linda touched all of us on the SoulWorld team very deeply; she was one of the most genuinely caring people I’ve known.

We’ll miss her sweet presence on the Physical Plane, as well as her regular packages with news clippings of interest, and tips on everything from cat care to healing house plants. It’s comforting to know that she’s right there on the Astral Plane, eager now to assist us on our spiritual journey.

Losing someone is always hard, but it’s important to remember that death is never final.

And connecting on a soul level is as simple as closing our eyes for a moment, and allowing the connection to happen.

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