When I was first asked to comment on the recent massacre in Las Vegas, and get the Spirit Guides’ take on what happened, I felt there was little I could add to the conversation. But the Spirit Guides encouraged me to add my voice to that of those who, like me, find America’s worship of guns offensive, if not obscene.


In the aftermath of the terrorist shooting in Las Vegas, young souls have been falling over themselves to avoid any discussion that might lead to the loss of their so-called freedoms. “This is not the time to talk about gun control.” “Don’t politicize the event.”

And sadly, the opinions and beliefs of inexperienced younger souls are the ones you’re most likely to hear from pundits and talking heads in the media.

If we’d allowed young souls to set the agenda 200 years ago, we’d still have slavery. “This is not the time to talk about emancipation.” “Don’t politicize my use of slaves.”

These more fear-based souls don’t want to have their beliefs questioned.

Unfortunately, with fewer lifetimes of experience, they have yet to learn that human life is sacred, and that just because their views are mainstream, and shared by millions of others, it doesn’t mean they’re right.

I’m one-hundred-percent in favor of strict gun laws.

And, though I don’t believe we can suddenly go from 300 million firearms to zero, and that change may be incremental, in my opinion guns should be so heavily regulated that buying one should make getting a green card seem effortless in comparison.

But you might find it a challenge finding anyone online, on TV, or on the radio, who shares my ultra-strong opposition to guns.

It’s not that gun-control advocates don’t get airtime in the USA, but their demands are often watered-down (like “enforcing laws already on the books”) so as not to rile the NRA or frighten those who fear the government is coming to take their guns away.

When younger souls are continually exposed to pro-gun opinions, they have their beliefs reinforced.

On the other hand, for old souls, it causes them to lose courage in their convictions. And that leads to a whole lot of sophistry, pretzel logic, and uncertainty.

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think spousal abusers should have access to guns. And when two-thirds of daily gunshot deaths are suicides (58 out of 93), then something is clearly wrong with having such easy access to firearms.

If 2/3 of car deaths were the result of suicides, what would we make of someone who refused to address the problem of automobile safety?

I know it’s not just young souls who disagree with my hard line. Many “responsible gun owners” are older souls. But I believe it’s important to stand up for my beliefs, and do my part in supporting efforts to limit and ultimately put an end to gun violence.

I encourage you to recognize that when someone says, “Don’t politicize the event,” they’re attempting to shut down any voice but their own. If anything deserves to be politicized and confronted, it’s the issue of gun violence.

Spiritually, it’s incumbent upon old souls to stand up for peace, love, and other higher values. Guns are designed to kill, and their use is a violation of the highest principles to which all souls aspire.