This week in the Soul World, the Spirit Guides asked members what they dreamed of having in their lives.
Not surprisingly, for a bunch of older souls, the dreams were not so much materialistic as they were more spiritually fulfilling. Family, travel, love, and creative fulfillment topped the list.
The Spirit Guides often suggest dreaming big. Yet, so many of us are afraid to do so in case things don’t work out.

Your soul carries the fears associated with past-life disappointment. It may feel undeserving, or that things always go wrong. It dreams small so it won’t face disappointment.
In answer to the question, one member said, “As a six-year old, I experienced painful disappointment, and because of the potency of the reaction, it feels like it must be a past-life fear.”
And that goes to the heart of the matter. Past-life disappointments prevent you from asking for what you want, or from dreaming big. The soul’s belief is that having little or no expectations will prevent you feeling disappointed if things don’t work out.
Yet, that lowering of expectations can be the very block that prevents you from achieving the things you truly want in your life.

We’re working with members to help them heal their past-life wounds so they can open up to manifesting the life they want.

I also encourage you to dream big–always. Go for the gold, not the bronze. And ask your Spirit Guides to help you achieve your goals. If the request you make is feasible, they’ll work with you to make it happen.

In the new year, I’ll be sharing more details about how to manifest the life you want. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about joining us in membership, and gain all the support that comes with it, we’d love to have you.


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