What has karma got to do with kindness? What is karma, anyway? Why is kindness so important? We’re exploring this topic in depth all month in my membership program, and I’d like to share a taste with you here in this article that focuses on acts of loving kindness, and how they relate to karma.

Your soul is a spiritual creature. Which is pretty obvious, of course. But important to understand, because being spiritual is synonymous with acting from your soul. When you act from your soul, rather than from a place of fear or ego, you are being spiritual, and that means acting with loving kindness.

At its core, your soul is not arrogant. It doesn’t give two hoots about proving it’s right. It doesn’t get jealous or mistrustful. It values knowledge and understanding. It decries hypocrisy, shuns callous indifference, and never tries to control others. Your soul is fundamentally kind.

Unfortunately, your soul takes a real beating as it makes its way through its many incarnations here on Planet Earth. The karmic consequences of Physical Plane trauma cause your poor soul to carry fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs with it on its journey.

If you had a past life in which you were unkind to another human being by abusing your authority, your soul will carry the memory into this life. It will endeavor to balance the karma by supporting the underdog, and generally offering acts of loving kindness to less fortunate souls. If you exploited others in a past life, your soul will be motivated to give financially this time around.

And even if you were the victim rather than perpetrator, the same principle applies. If your soul suffered abuse in an earlier life, it will balance the karma through acts that are caring and nurturing.

Your soul will always push from behind the scenes in an effort to keep you on the track towards doing what’s right. When you suffer injustice, your soul will urge you to seek greater justice for yourself and others, and avoid slipping into a fear-based thirst for vengeance.

Acts of loving kindness are, in themselves, karmic. The more kindness you bring into the world, the more you’ll benefit in this life and the next. Hold a door open for someone, give them a smile, and feel the warmth emanate from their heart to yours.

On a more cosmic level, what you sow in this life, you’ll reap in the next. We all know certain individuals who seem to have an inner sense of contentment. These are people whose souls have a deeper level of peace as a result of the kindness they brought into the world. They benefit from the karmic consequences of spirituality.

You can make a considerable impression on other souls in this life and the next through simple acts of loving kindness. By acting spiritually, your influence can transform the lives of other souls, and pave your way for a happier and more contented life in the future.

In the next three articles, I’ll be exploring more of the connection between karma and kindness, and what being a spiritual old soul really means. And I’ll be showing you ways to store up good karma for the future, and enhance your life’s journey quickly and easily.

If you’re a member of my SoulWorld® Community, we’ll be diving even deeper into this fascinating topic in our monthly class and past-life regression. I encourage all of you to step out from behind the Illusion to walk the talk of old-soul values, and make acts of loving kindness your default mode. I would love to hear about your experience of loving kindness; feel free to share here or on my Facebook page!