After our recent weekend workshop, Healing from the Inside Out, we asked participants the following question: Did you experience a physical, emotional, and/or spiritual shift?

Allison* wrote back immediately to share that her partner, Brandon*, “sure did!”

For this workshop, I’d brought in my secret weapon—my friend and gifted healer, Bryan Grijalva.

We planned a two-pronged approach for healing our participants. I would uncover the past-life issues, and Bryan would use his amazing talents as a medical intuitive and body worker to shift the pains or blocks that were still showing up.

It’s a combination that seems to truly get results!

During the second day of the workshop, Bryan turned to me and said, “Brandon hasn’t mentioned anything, but I feel he has a severe problem with his vertebrae. They feel crushed.”

I agreed. “I’m getting something about an accident involving a horse. Let’s take a look at him.”

We invited him to lay face down on the massage table, and Bryan went to work. You can always tell Bryan has found the source of the problem when he says the words, “There it is.” And it didn’t take long to find the problem was all connected to Brandon’s spine.

In just ten minutes, Brandon was a different person. In fact, the first thing I said when he stood up was, “You look two inches taller!”

“He had no idea what to expect, and really just came to observe,” Allison said. “But now he’s shifting on all levels! He feels straighter, taller, more aligned and balanced. He feels younger and keeps using the word stronger.

“Prior to this healing, he had sleep apnea and would suffocate when he was sleeping. He always woke up tired and groggy and needed naps. He was always in back and hip pain and got hurt easily doing physical tasks (bones and muscles slipping out of place). Now he’s sleeping and breathing at night, and waking up earlier completely refreshed and chipper to start the day. (He was never a morning person!)

“He feels way more motivated and ‘present’ in life. He is excited about life! He feels like he’s in his 20’s again and keeps saying how straight and strong he feels! He feels his spine being aligned properly is allowing him more freedom to do whatever he puts his mind to, and being pain free feels amazing!

“When Bryan was working on him, Ainslie said he felt a horse was the source of this trauma, whether past life or present. Brandon didn’t hear this as he was focusing on breathing and what Bryan was doing. Later, when I mentioned what Ainslie had said, he lit up and said, “I was thrown from a horse and stomped on as a child. I forgot about that…” He said he remembered his mom taking him to the chiropractor and having severe back pain as a child. He believes his back was “crushed” and misaligned during this event and that he had to grow from a child to a man with his spine mangled.”

On a whole other level, the weekend was one of spiritual awakening. Again, I’ll let Allison explain.

“He pretty much wasn’t spiritual before meeting me,” she said, “But I’ve always just been myself around him, and exposed everything that I’m about to him without pressuring him. But now, he’s speaking my language, using words like ‘resonate’. He never understood a lot of what I talked about before, but it seems that after the weekend, he has naturally started talking in a more spiritual way, even bringing up possible past-life scenarios.

“I feel he has had a literal transformation—from a skeptical non-believing type—to being supportive, positive, open, and ready to grow and learn more. This weekend really helped him get past his blocks and played a major part in this change in him. He needed to experience and observe first hand what transformation in others looked like, in order to take the leap.

“We both feel something shifted. I feel more grounded and centered and empowered, and Brandon, well it’s like he’s just been given the gift of life!”

“Brandon is using this new energy and consciousness to write down all his goals and desires, and use it to manifest what he truly wants out of this life. Meanwhile, I’m using my renewed energy to focus on moving forward with my Soul’s desired goals, too!”

It’s stories like these that bring so much meaning to my work. And while Brandon has experienced a major transformation, Bryan and I also gained so much over the weekend. When you bring a bunch of old souls together, and facilitate an atmosphere of trust and compassion to foster openness and healing, anything is possible!

*Names have been changed to respect confidentiality.