Why is it that whenever there’s a strike, anti-government demonstration, or a protest like Occupy Wall Street, the police take the side of those in power? How come they don’t turn their batons, tasers, and water cannon on the bosses, politicians and bankers? You might think the police would identify with the ordinary people, the ones they’re supposed to serve, and protect their rights and interests.

Yet we don’t see images on the news of police officers firing rubber bullets at the bankers, the 1% whose greed and malfeasance has brought financial chaos to the country. Instead, they focus their efforts on silencing those of the 99% who protest the injustice. The reason has a lot to do with soul ages and soul types.

Police forces in most cultures are predominantly younger souls. The majority are Hunter, Leader, and Helper types. Younger souls look to those in power (providing they feel those in power share their core values) as superior to them.

Their innate response to the wealthy and influential is to obey their wishes. They seek order and stability, and they regard older souls who go against social norms as deviants who must be controlled. When they’re sent into action against those their “superiors” identify as threats to the status quo, their knee-jerk response is to obey.

Hunters, Leaders and Helper soul types are motivated to serve. Which is no problem when they serve the needs of the tribe, but a big problem when they take the side of one faction of the community against another.

Traditionally, the rich and powerful have manipulated younger souls to protect them.

They use them as proxies to control what citizens think or say, and to prevent them from turning up at their doors wielding pitchforks and flaming torches.

But things are starting to change.

As the Transformation gets under way, and a new level of consciousness makes itself felt, the 1% is at serious risk of having their loyal minions turn against them.

In Portugal, off-duty police officers have turned up at demonstrations against austerity measures, to find themselves held back by their on-duty colleagues. That sort of situation is unlikely to happen here anytime soon.

The 1% is careful how they control the media and its message, keeping the focus on the usual scapegoats lest the truth get out. And they’re not above using a little bribery to keep their defenders loyal. JP Morgan Chase recently donated $4.6 million to the NYPD.

But eventually the shift in consciousness is going to make it harder for the 1% to control the police they look to for protection. And then, perhaps, we’ll see off-duty members of New York’s finest take the side of justice and join the 99% in their protests against the crooks who have shafted the people of this country for their personal gain.