If there’s one good thing to come from recent attention given to the behavior of sexual predators like Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein, and Louis C. K., it’s that it will lead to victims of abuse feeling safer to go public with their stories.

You don’t need a psychic to tell you that a guy masturbating in front of an unwilling victim is not acting in a spiritual way, or that a 32-year old man dating an underage girl is doing something flat-out wrong.

We associate spirituality with higher virtues like kindness and compassion, and treating others with respect.

And, as an old soul, your many incarnations of experience have taught you to intuitively know when a person’s behavior is consistent with spiritual values.

The more a person’s conscious mind is connected to their soul, the more they express spiritual values like kindness and compassion.

Conversely, when someone is detached from their soul’s influence, and act only on the level of the conscious mind, the more self-centered and egotistical they become.

It’s harder for young souls to innately follow their soul’s guidance.

They lack the lifetimes of experience that makes it so much easier for old souls to do what’s right. It’s why young souls need stricter guidance, like the kind they get from authoritarian leaders and churches.

Roy Moore is a young (Level 4) soul from Alabama, the youngest-soul state of the union. Like all Level 4 souls, he displays overt signs of hypocrisy (like claiming to be a virtuous Christian while lying about his predatory past).

And, like many young-soul abusers before him, Moore will keep on lying and painting himself as the real victim until the truth becomes unavoidable. Then he’ll blame others, proclaim himself a sinner seeking forgiveness, and end up being hailed a hero by other young souls for his courage.

Louis C. K. is an older soul. But you can be a senior citizen in soul terms, and still be detached from your inner guidance.

Unlike Roy Moore, he has chosen to do a full mea culpa. I wonder, however, if he’d have come clean if his career hadn’t been on the line? His public letter to his victims was a cleverly written non-apology disguised as an apology. It was more a self-serving exercise in damage control than a genuine attempt to do the right thing.

An individual who misuses their power or celebrity to abuse someone is able to do so, at least in part, because being disconnected from their soul prevents them from seeing the other person as an equal. Their lack of empathy is entirely the result of this disconnection.

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Seeing themselves as special, means others are not. Like our predator-in-chief, the pussy-grabbing Donald Trump, they feel entitled to take advantage of others, and that the rules don’t apply to them.

The publicity given to sexual predators right now is a positive step in the right direction.

Abuse thrives in an atmosphere of secrecy in which victims are afraid to speak out. And the fact that predatory behavior is almost universally condemned is a sign of the rising of the collective consciousness associated with the Transformation.

Souls—both young and old—are here on Earth to explore what it means to be human. This includes exploring sex and sensuality.

But coercion of any kind is not spiritual, and sex between humans must always be consensual. Anything else violates the soul’s fundamental core values.


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