How does death from dehydration experienced in a past-life impact you in your current life? Our soul holds onto memories from traumatic past-life deaths. These memories can show up in your current incarnation in ways that are challenging and disruptive.

Join  Ainslie as he offers insights into the how the effects of death from dehydration that you experienced during a previous life might show up in your current lifetime.

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Past Life Stories: Death from Dehydration – A Past Life Memory

Death from Dehydration on YouTube

Memories from Past Lives Reveal Themselves in Unusual Ways

Your soul holds onto memories from past lifetimes. Especially those connected to hardship or death. Because your soul has difficulty separating one life from the next, it often has to be reminded to leave the past behind.

Death from dehydration gives the soul a heightened awareness of the importance of water, and the dangers associated with its lack or absence.

Learning about your past lives – whether through one-on-one sessions with Ainslie, or participating in his online membership program – can help you release traumatic past life memories, and bring you one step closer to living the life your soul intended.

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Video Transcription – Death from Dehydration: A Past Life Memory

Your soul holds memories of traumatic past life deaths, and signs of death from dehydration can show up in the present. Join Ainslie MacLeod, internationally-acclaimed psychic guide, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author, as he discusses the effects of death from dehydration. Greetings! Thirsty? Do you always carry water with you? Do you get anxious when you get thirsty? That’s a past-life issue, and very likely to stem from death from dehydration. And before I tell you more, make sure you stay with me to the end of the video where I’ll share ways to learn more about how your past lives affect you now. Terri was once imprisoned in a past life for theft. She was a man back then. He was locked in an extremely cramped cell, and denied clean water and decent food. He was suffering terribly from the effects of Crohn’s disease and died, dehydrated and emaciated, in his own filth. Every time I discover someone died from dehydration in a past life, I expect them to always carry water with them, and to become quite anxious if they ever get thirsty. Terri was no exception. She told me she always carries four litres of water wherever she goes. And she had just spent $6,000 dollars on water related devices in her home. One client who’d once died in a state of dehydration told me she has one whole refrigerator full of nothing but liquids. And when I asked another client if she became anxious when she got dehydrated, she thought for a moment and said, “I don’t know – I’ve never let it happen.” At the beginning of the video, Ainslie promised to share ways to learn more about how your past lives affect you. Get started on your journey of exploration by visiting soulinstruction.com. There, you can download a free chapter from his book, The Instruction, and gain free access to Ainslie’s inspirational video series, Insights from the Spirit Guides. You can also take his Soul Type Quiz to help you on your journey towards living the life your soul intended.

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