psychic guide Ainslie Macleod at one of his events, sharing insight from his spirit guides

Life-changing Workshops
“Ainslie MacLeod’s talks and workshops are life-changing. He speaks with a wonderful combination of confidence and humility that draws you right in. His material is always original and thought provoking. And you leave learning something new about yourself that brings a whole new perspective to life. Thanks to Ainslie and what he teaches, my life is on a new, better, fascinating path. I can’t thank him enough. What he has taught me resonates deep within and I am a different person because of it…”

Meredith H
August 30, 2019
Past-Life Regression — Fundraiser

Everything you are—your beliefs and behavior, fears and phobias, likes and dislikes, talents and abilities, and even your entire personality—is the result of your past lives. And the most amazing healing can occur as a result of past-life exploration!

As thanks for all East West Bookshop does for the spiritual community, Ainslie is donating all proceeds from this event directly to the store. So, join us for a past-life regression, and help support your local bookshop in the process.

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East West Bookshop
Seattle, WA