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Ainslie MacLeod, past life psychic, meet Ainslie in person

EVENTS 2019/2020

book signing and talk, The Old Soul's Guidebook by author Ainslie MacLeod, past life psychic


Learn how your previous incarnations shape your destiny now, and allow Ainslie to guide you on a past-life regression to release your most deeply held blocks to happiness and fulfillment.

As a special bonus, attendees will be eligible to win some fun prizes, including a free month in Ainslie’s Soul World Community membership program!

All proceed from this event will be donated to East West.

DATE: December 6, 2019

TIME: 7-8:30pm

LOCATION: East West Bookshop, Seattle

book signing and talk, The Old Soul's Guidebook by author Ainslie MacLeod, past life psychic

Annual weekend retreat at Kripalu

Save the date to be part of Ainslie’s annual weekend retreat at Kripalu. Details to come!

DATE: July 24-26, 2020

LOCATION: Kripalu Retreat Center, Stockbridge, Massachusetts


An Inspiring Trip
We were fortunate enough to have Ainslie MacLeod lead a trip of 20 people to South Africa with us. During the trip we discovered simple, step-by-step systems for understanding our soul’s purpose, whilst at the same time uncovering a sense of fulfillment and joy.

Our lessons were held outside in the beautiful African bush, in classrooms, on buses and each experience helped us to identify past life fears and the way to get rid of them forever. Ainslie has a beautiful way of working with people in a workshop environment, he is nurturing, loving, engaging and kind but finds a way to get to the real core issues affecting our lives and finding a way to totally eradicating them. Each person on the trip was given the space, love and nurturing they needed to receive clarify on their life’s purpose.

I can’t begin to tell you the number of people that came back to me with feedback on how successful and inspiring the trip was to them and could we please do this every year!! I am grateful to Ainslie for doing his workshops, he is reaching an audience that otherwise would not receive the help they need, and who better to give it than a man who is warm, kind, loving and engaging.

Sandy Salle

Founder and President, Hills of Africa

I never expected in my wildest dreams to find him such a wonderful, delightful and genuine being. 

Denise D.

I don’t know how to fit it all into words. It was incredibly moving watching others embrace their true selves. 

Milada H.

I don’t know how I can ever really adequately express my appreciation for this life changing experience.

Dawn F.

it was AWESOME! My heart has been much more open since the retreat. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Diane C.