Why Politics and Spirituality are Inseparable

“The means to become spiritual should not be confused with spirituality itself.”

~Ainslie’s Spirit Guides

Last year, a Guatemalan environmental activist whose home was burned down fled with his 7-year old son to the United States. Arizona border patrol agents separated him from his child, sending him to a detention center in Georgia. His son was put in a foster home for migrant children in New York, where he was repeatedly sexually abused.

Such cruelty is repeated daily with the blessing of the current U.S. administration and, sadly, a large number of citizens.

From a spiritual standpoint, separating children from their parents is totally unacceptable. It violates all the soul’s core values. And it speaks volumes about the racism that still permeates every institution in the country. (The children being torn from their parents are brown-skinned Latinos at the border, not white Irish kids arriving at JFK.)

Politics and Spirituality are Inseparable

We should all be outraged by what’s going on at the southern border. Yet, I still have the occasional complacent old soul tell me, “I don’t get involved in politics.” And that’s fine. We all have free will. Not everyone is here to be an activist.

But not getting involved in politics can be a sign of privilege: “I don’t get involved in politics because I’m doing fine.” There’s nothing spiritual about ignoring the struggle of others because it doesn’t affect you.

Every so often, someone will tell me they don’t pay attention to politics because they’re on a “spiritual path.” If you think you’re a spiritual person simply because you meditate or take yoga classes, you’re wrong.

The problem is that many older souls confuse the path towards spirituality with spirituality itself.

Spirituality Without Action Misses the Point

We’re souls in human bodies, here on the Physical Plane to explore what it is to be human. Put simply, the biggest lesson we’re learning is that of love. And we embody that lesson through compassion and kindness.

To connect most deeply with our true spiritual selves, we need to go within. This is why every spiritual practice worth its salt encourages the practice of meditation in some form or other. Meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and other practices are invaluable means of connecting mind, body, and spirit. But they’re not the end result.

The goal is to recognize that we’re all connected. And that love is something we should all actively work to bring to the world through our actions. Click To Tweet

The Spiritual Old Soul Understands That All Humans are Connected

When you embody the awareness that we humans are all connected, you recognize that the suffering of parents and children at the border is the suffering of us all. Your soul will remind you that you’ve been in desperate past-life situations and would have welcomed the help of those whose spiritual awareness allowed them to see the humanity in you.

A truly spiritual person is one who uses their compassion to help others on their path. You don’t, as the spirit guides frequently point out, have to be Mother Teresa. You just need to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem by ignoring what’s happening.

Your soul wants you to be on the right side of history. I encourage you to think about how you do that.


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