What is Reincarnation?

What is Reincarnation?

Have you ever found yourself asking, “What is reincarnation?” If you’re reading this, chances are good you have at least a basic understanding of the subject. And if you’ve followed Ainslie for any period of time, you’ve heard him talk about reincarnation as fundamental to understanding who you are and why you’re here.

Hi, Christine here, from Ainslie’s SoulWorld team. We receive emails from his clients and other spiritual seekers all over the world asking questions about reincarnation and the soul’s journey

I asked Ainslie to answer the following questions we hear most often about reincarnation:

  • What is Reincarnation?
  • What is the evidence to prove reincarnation exists?
  • Is there an easy way to determine how many lifetimes I’ve had already?
  • Do we switch species from one lifetime to the next?
  • Do animals reincarnate?

We captured his answers on the video below. Make sure to stay through to the very end of the video; you animal lovers especially will be happy to hear what Ainslie has to share!

So, what is reincarnation? It’s simply the process your soul chooses to fulfill your ultimate goal: to grow and evolve.

Like Ainslie says in the video, you wouldn’t set out to earn a Masters Degree at university, only to take one class and be done with it. The human experience is what your soul is seeking. Each lifetime builds on the next, and each incarnation offers your soul a myriad of opportunities to do just that.

Video Transcript

Interviewer: What is reincarnation?

Ainslie: Well to put it really simply, reincarnation is just a way of building your experience over lifetimes. So one lifetime builds on the one that went before. So, it’s a way of just learning. You might think of it like going to school. You don’t just go to school for one day and consider yourself done. You keep coming back, and you learn constantly, building and developing.

Interviewer: What is the evidence to prove reincarnation exists?

Ainslie: How do you prove reincarnation? Well there’s actually a lot of ways. You can prove reincarnation, or at least show evidence for reincarnation in our behavior. As our souls grow, we tend to become more accepting, more loving, more compassionate. So, you’ll see the difference between very young souls and very old souls often at the polling booth.  As the soul ages, it tends to become more progressive, more concerned about other humans.

Younger souls just are a little bit more self-interested. The soul’s journey is taking it all the time from a place of ‘me’ to ‘we.’ And that greater sense that we’re all in it together. I think another way is to look at children. You hear a lot more now, especially with social media and so on, YouTube, you hear stories of children’s past lives. I get it all the time in my work, where people tell me about their kids saying things like, “When I used to be in my big body,” or “When I used to be your mom,” or talking about experiences, places they’ve been, things that they’ve done in other lifetimes. We’ll hear more and more of this as time goes on, people will become more open to it.

Interviewer: Is there an easy way to determine how many lifetimes I’ve had already?

Ainslie: How many lifetimes have you had? How can you tell? Well, I mentioned being more accepting, so you’ll know that you’re a much older soul if you tend to be more considerate about other people, and about the environment. And if you’re a really old soul, you’re probably looking at in excess of a hundred lifetimes. So it could be 110 or 120 lifetimes before you get out of here.

And as the soul ages, it becomes much more accepting of others. There’s a greater sense of acceptance, and it comes from you having been in every color skin, in every permutation, and in every part of the world. By the time you’re a really old soul, you’ve been gay, straight, and everything in between. Black, white, every color. You’ve experienced every permutation, and everything that tells you about what it is to be human. So, that teaches you compassion, teaches you tolerance, and acceptance.

Interviewer: Do we switch species from one lifetime to the next?

Ainslie: In my experience, and according to my Spirit Guides, we stay human throughout. So from life one to life a hundred and something, we’re human. We don’t jump about. And we don’t go backwards either. People ask that a lot, “Do we jump about, from one place in time to another?” It’s linear, and we continue on the human path. So in other words, you’re not going to come back as Fluffy the cat or Fido the dog.

Interviewer: Do animals reincarnate?

Ainslie: Actually, animals do reincarnate. And they often reincarnate with us. So, a cat or a dog that you’ve known in an earlier part of this life, or a previous lifetime, may be with you now. And because their lives are shorter, they tend to come back, and can be with us several times in this life. So you might have a dog now that you’ve worked with on a farm in a previous lifetime. And it’s actually good news to know that, if you’ve lost a pet, there’s a very high likelihood that they’ll come back to be with you again in this life.



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  1. Mary Wagner
    Mary Wagner says:

    While if we agree that time is not linear and that ultimately all things exist at once perhaps at different planes of existence. Is it incorrect to teach about reincarnation as a past or future event?


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