Trumpenstein: We Have Created a Monster

Trumpenstein: We Have Created a Monster

“If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear”

~Frankenstein’s Monster

In Mary Shelley’s famous novel, the creature built from discarded body parts finally turns on his creator, Victor Frankenstein. Similarly, one day soon, the monster created by our society and its leaders will wreak destruction, bringing chaos and misery to even those who thought he was their friend.

That monster is Donald Trump—aka Trumpenstein.

Like Dr. Frankenstein’s abominable creature, Trumpenstein is to be both pitied and reviled. He is a damaged human being; his conscious self separated from his soul by a closed heart chakra.

No soul wants to behave the way Trump does.

His misogyny, race baiting, and pathological lying are contrary to every higher spiritual value. We should pity such a malformed individual.

Yet there’s a big difference between showing compassion and condoning bad behavior. As an old soul, there’s a spiritual expectation that you’ll stand up for those higher spiritual values, and bring a more loving presence into the world.

Bigotry and intolerance are never acceptable to the soul.

And, as the adult in the room, when you’re exposed to bad behavior from younger souls, there’s a spiritual imperative to express your old-soul values.

The Trumpenstein monster is emboldened by the approval of his young-soul fans. They cast their votes expecting him to create a little mayhem. And he’s not going to disappoint.

But unable to feel love, he will lash out indiscriminately when he feels threatened, insulted, or disrespected. And since he can’t create, he will destroy.

My Spirit Guides have previously labeled Donald Trump as insane—not as a pejorative term—but as a statement of fact. And for that reason alone, he’s deserving of our pity. Traumatic events from past lives have closed his heart chakra, leaving him with irreparable damage that no amount of therapy or pills will ever cure in this incarnation.

Sadly, broken souls of this kind have a high level of malice within them.

Unable to feel emotions in the same way you or I might, they need to create mischief to feel anything. Unfortunately, the kind of mischief Donald Trump is capable of could have terrible consequences.

With no empathy or compassion for other humans, he won’t play by the rules of civilized society.

And those who supported him will eventually realize their idol doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about them.

He will manipulate, deceive, and play one group or individual against the next.

His legacy will be one of greed. And the world will be a poorer place for his having been here.

When the dust clears, the Trumpenstein monster will go into hiding, leaving the mess for others to clear up. And a generation later, people will ask the usual questions like, “How did we let that happen?” and “Why didn’t anyone stand up to him?”

And that’s when you, as an old soul, will have the opportunity to say, “I did.”

You are spiritually expected to do so. You don’t have to march in the streets or run for office. But every old soul is impelled from within to stand up for what’s right, to speak the truth, and to protect the underdog.

None of us are victims of destiny. Click To Tweet

The future is not carved in stone. And however dispirited you may feel by recent political events, you have the power to influence it.

Your many lifetimes of experience have taught you right from wrong, good from bad, and how to live according to your soul’s wishes.

You’ve learned the importance of peace, love, and understanding, and other important spiritual values. And it may be useful to remind you that these values are not passive.

In my work, I help heal my clients’ fears and blocks so that they may walk the path of these higher virtues.

When fear is eliminated, all that’s left is love. Click To Tweet

And love is not passive. To make a difference, and redress the balance in favor of old-soul values, it’s important to express that love.

Be kind to others, empower those who lack power, and support others in achieving the same rights you, yourself, enjoy.

So, as we enter a future even Mary Shelly couldn’t have envisioned—one in which a creature who embodies every one of our species’ worst characteristics has become the most powerful individual on earth—stay positive. Don’t buy into the delusion.

Let peace, love and understanding be your guiding principles.

Fight for truth and justice, and stay on the right side of history. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make a difference.

Love is a far more powerful force than hate.

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  1. Maia Rose
    Maia Rose says:

    There is so much negative out there that it helps to have an expanded perspective and to see how current events fall into the skeem of things and where best to put our time and energy.

  2. Florence Claypoole
    Florence Claypoole says:

    It’s gratifying to know my thoughts on the subject were true. It is a compelling time in our history. We must be change we want to see.
    We absolutely MUST! ♡
    Thank you for your articles. I love every one of them.

  3. C. Eason
    C. Eason says:

    Please at eighty even I worry about the future. My children and grandchildren will be in for a very uncertain future. I have believe from the get go that he will bring disaster to our world. He lies and denies lying ,he’s been known to hang with mobsters, mistreated the females of our country and looks the other way at every turn. He never holds himself responsible and when the world is in termmoil he will say not his fault,they did it. He is a child,spoiled and narcosistic in all ways.

  4. Elizabeth Klarich
    Elizabeth Klarich says:

    This spoke to me and helped, thank you. Will post to my wall. Many well written articles have articulated sentiments that support the many stages of grief that we are bouncing through and struggling with. Anger is a necessary aspect of this messy grieving process so that we have the strength & courage to stand up for what’s right. Since this moy has been catapulted to power, many of us feel less concern about guarding our political viewpoints. Being fearlessly vocal is essential to resisting this corruption and tyranny.


    Great insights, Ainslie. Thank you.
    Consider a developmental model:
    The US is a young nation, much like a pre-adolescent in maturity. The bully in the schoolyard often attracts the most followers and gains “power”. In his perverted ways and at the expense of minoritites (less pwerful, ie. easy victims) he is an opportunist and narcissist.
    As voters, pre-adolescents are prone to oppose established authority, often lacking good judgement, and taking actions that jeopardize their safety and well-being (especially when they are not listened to or valued, as is the case in our country now). Michael Meade talks about youth needing to get into some sort of trouble; the key is to find the “right” trouble (a Hero’s journey?). The voters have gotten this country into some potentially (likely) very dangerous and threatening trouble.
    As you say, Ainslie, it is up to the older, wiser “parents” to responsibly limit destructive and injurious behavior.
    (Can we send Trump to the corner for a time-out?)

  6. Julia
    Julia says:

    Mr. Macleod, I had an interesting experience regarding Trump. I was trying to decide whether to use my personal facebook page to fight him, or, instead, to create a new page dedicated to doing the same thing. I’m a writer and need to communicate with people on a creative level and not a political level. I told God I knew turning my Facebook page into a political page would destroy it, but I was willing to do that if I could help in the fight against Trump.
    God gave me to understand I didn’t need to destroy anything, and not to do that, he has the situation in hand. I believe him, but I fear what will happen before Trump is destroyed. What do you think about this? Can you predict what will happen regarding Trump and when? By the way, I named my anti-Trump page, Dump Rump.

      • Julia
        Julia says:

        Ainsley, why won’t you predict?
        This is a connected process.
        If you can predict some things, why not all things?
        I’m not trying to be difficult.
        But the nature of prediction, the spiritual and the universe matter.
        I want to understand.
        I don’t necessarily HAVE to know America’s future (although that would be nice) but I do want to pursue the nature of reality.

  7. Elizabeth Dickinson
    Elizabeth Dickinson says:

    I actually have an opportunity to run for office now (have run before in this current life) for the Green Party. But there is definitely a part of me that has gotten used to a quieter life, and I like having the license to take care of myself and work on other things I care about-writing, dancing, etc. There’s definitely some tension between being a public conduit for old soul values and having separate, private ambitions. I’m not afraid of running, just wondering if its the best use of my energies now. Please hold this decision in the light!

  8. Madeline Stewart
    Madeline Stewart says:

    Trump comes across like a modern day Adolf Hitler, so no wonder he’s a Germaphobe (I take he includes German speaking Austria in that word, since Hitler was Austrian) and so he’s afraid of being defeated. I guess the Americans will pass judgement on him in 4 years’ time when he comes up for re-election, if he hasn’t been impeached or assassinated by some madman by then!

  9. Kandy
    Kandy says:

    I am disappointed in you Ainslie, as I thought you would be wise enough to not use your bully pulpit to further your own human liberal ideals. Seems that isn’t the case, here!

  10. Donna M Trevino
    Donna M Trevino says:

    You don’t have to participate in a protest walk. My husband and I did in Santa Cruz. It was incredibly uplifting and positive. The walk was about women’s rights but there were men, women, kids, families present. Such a wonderful experience which gave so many hope in such dark times.


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