London Riots: The Abuse of Authority

The recent riots in London started after a police officer shot a young man in the back of a cab. The kind of event that will bring people to the streets pretty much anywhere. Since then, however, dozens of other reasons have been put forward to explain the violence. Read more

Reincarnation, Reactors, and Redemption

It’s old news, but I only just heard about it. Apparently the Chinese government, in an attempt to control the selection of future Dalai Lamas, has banned reincarnation. (At least without government permission.) Good luck. Read more

Cooperation in the Age of Transformation

I was in Seattle’s Children’s Hospital one morning, when a woman ran into the emergency room, looked anxiously around the room and called out in desperation, “My baby! She’s not breathing right. Someone please help her!” Within seconds, a small team of emergency room staff swung into action. Read more

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, naturalist and author of what is probably the most groundbreaking book in history, The Origin of Species. Until Darwin, there was no scientific explanation of how we and all the other creatures on our planet got to be here. Read more

Louis Braille

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille who invented his raised dot system of reading and writing as an improvement on “sonography”, a method used by the French military to communicate silently at night. Read more

A Soul-Level Inspection of the Candidates

This article was written in 2008 I’ve been asked by many people to find out the Soul Age and Soul Types of the candidates for this year’s election. Let me stress that this information comes straight from my spirit guides in the Soul World. My own politics are those of acceptance, but I’m keeping my own opinions totally out of the picture here. Read more

Journeys to the Sea of Enlightenment

Keeping an Open Mind on Your Spiritual Voyage A wise person once said, “There are many rivers that lead to the ocean.” And that couldn’t be truer of the many books on spirituality that are out there. When it comes to channeled teachings, there are more ways than one way to reach a place of enlightenment. When I talk about channeled teaching, I’m referring to Read more