Past Life Fear of Failure

Past Life Fear of Failure (and a Love of Chocolate)

You’re probably wondering what chocolate has to do with a past life fear of failure.

Well, Hershey’s and Mars are two of the most famous names associated with chocolate, and I expect at some point in your life, you’ve probably had one of their chocolate bars.

But, did you know that the eponymous founders of those two businesses were united by something other than chocolate? Read more

Past Life Fear of Poisoning

Past Life Fear of Poisoning

When I spoke to Janelle on the phone, I told her about a past life from several hundred years ago in which she was a young man, an orphan from London, who ended up with a small farm in Virginia.

Unfortunately, he fell foul of a wealthy landowner who wanted to get his hands on the land. Read more

Old Soul World

The Old Soul World

What would it look like if we lived in an old soul world? Very different, according to the Spirit Guides.

It’s challenging being an old soul in a young soul world. You want fairness, opportunity for all, and equal access to health care and education. They don’t. Read more

Spiritual Awareness

How Spiritual Awareness Grows

What is spiritual awareness? And how do you achieve it?

The signs of being spiritually aware are many, but the most common are a higher than average concern for the wellbeing of others, a desire for greater understanding of who you are and why you’re here, and an openness of mind.

How is spiritual awareness achieved? Simple: through reincarnation. Read more

Healing Procrastination

Healing Procrastination

Do you suffer from procrastination? Or do you want to get back to me about that in a week or two?

If you procrastinate, and so many of us do, it may be the biggest block to living the life your soul intended that’s affecting you right now. Read more

When Your Soul Dies in Other Bodies

Continuing with the theme of my recent blog posts, I want to tell you about something I consider fascinating regarding the way your soul splits off to be in other places at the same time.

As I described, old souls will often choose to have multiple lives to help keep a balance between old and young soul energy on the planet. It also ensures a lot of growth when you have five lifetimes of experience in the same incarnation, rather than just one, to aid in your spiritual evolution.

Now, here’s where it gets even more interesting. Read more

Being an Angel-When Soul Meets Soul

Being an Angel: When Your Soul Meets Your Soul

In my last article, I talked about how your soul will split off to be in more than one place during the same incarnation.

The biggest reason for this is to maintain some kind of balance between young and old souls in a world with a rapidly growing population.

I gave an example of a client whose soul is currently in the US, Greece, and Mexico. It’s extremely unlikely that she’ll ever meet herself in this life. But what happens if you do run into yourself? Read more

Enter title here Living Multiple Simultaneous Lives

Living Multiple Simultaneous Lives

In answer to a question that’s come up a number of times recently (including in this month’s SoulWorld Community Q&A session), I’d like to shed some light on a fascinating aspect of your soul’s journey—and that is when your soul is living multiple simultaneous lives.

The question I received was about souls “splitting off” to be in more places than one. Experiencing simultaneous lives is something souls do by inhabiting more than one body at a time. This means your soul, right now, may be living in a completely different part of the world. I’m currently teaching piano in Paris, as well as living in four other places.

Read more

Practice: The Key to Spiritual Growth

“Your soul is here to grow, and it uses what it learned in previous lifetimes to enhance this incarnation. Building on past lives is the key to personal evolution.”

~Ainslie MacLeod’s Spirit Guides

Read more

Battling the Perfect Storm of Past Life Fears of Judgment and Inferiority

Are You Battling the Perfect Storm?

Do you operate like a high-achieving firstborn (even if you’re not the actual firstborn)?

Does it feel like your quest for perfection constantly gets in the way of good enough?

Are you always giving your very best, but still feel you could have done better?

Read more

Fear of Public Speaking

Would You Rather Die than Speak in Public?

It’s medieval Germany, and you’re a terrified peasant being hauled in front of an imposing bully of a judge for stealing a chicken from a market trader.

The judge has no time for any excuses. Cursing you for your godlessness, he sends you to the gallows. A few hours later, terrified and helpless, you’re swinging on the end of a rope. Read more

Desire for Immortality

The Guinea Pig Club

Something interesting came up during last night’s Q&A in my SoulWorld Community membership program that I’d like to share with you.

One of our members asked about plastic surgery, and how the spirit world felt about it, which led to a discussion about the Guinea Pig Club. Read more