Predatory Behavior and Spirituality

Predatory Behavior and Spirituality

If there’s one good thing to come from recent attention given to the behavior of sexual predators like Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein, and Louis C. K., it’s that it will lead to victims of abuse feeling safer to go public with their stories.

You don’t need a psychic to tell you that a guy masturbating in front of an unwilling victim is not acting in a spiritual way, or that a 32-year old man dating an underage girl is doing something flat-out wrong. Read more

Dreaming Big

Dreaming Big

This week in the Soul World, the Spirit Guides asked members what they dreamed of having in their lives.
Not surprisingly, for a bunch of older souls, the dreams were not so much materialistic as they were more spiritually fulfilling. Family, travel, love, and creative fulfillment topped the list.
The Spirit Guides often suggest dreaming big. Yet, so many of us are afraid to do so in case things don’t work out. Read more

Planet Earth Needs You

Planet Earth Needs You

This is an important and timely message that the Spirit Guides want me to share with you about how planet Earth needs you now.

Fire in the wild is rejuvenating, and is part of the natural cycle of life. Our forests are renewed through its cleansing effect. But when it encroaches on human settlements, the impact can be devastating. Read more

Politicizing the Event

Politicizing the Event

When I was first asked to comment on the recent massacre in Las Vegas, and get the Spirit Guides’ take on what happened, I felt there was little I could add to the conversation. But the Spirit Guides encouraged me to add my voice to that of those who, like me, find America’s worship of guns offensive, if not obscene.

Read more

Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming Addiction

Do you wish you could quit your addiction? Have you tried everything, but are still struggling? What about past-life exploration?

If, like my client, Andrea, you were a slave in a past life, you’ll resist being told what to do.

The motto associated with those who were once enslaved or imprisoned is “Don’t tell me what to do!” Read more

The Spiritual Lessons of War

We’ve been exploring the Spiritual Lessons of war this month in my SoulWorld Community membership program, and it’s been timely, considering the posturing taking place among some world leaders.

Every one of us has had at least one past life in which everything went wrong as a result of war. Read more

Healing from the Inside Out

Healing from the Inside Out

After our recent weekend workshop, Healing from the Inside Out, we asked participants the following question: Did you experience a physical, emotional, and/or spiritual shift?

Allison* wrote back immediately to share that her partner, Brandon*, “sure did!”

For this workshop, I’d brought in my secret weapon—my friend and gifted healer, Bryan Grijalva. Read more

Fears vs. Phobias

What’s the difference between a past-life fear and a past-life phobia, and why does that matter?

To put it simply, a past life fear stems from an unplanned event or events that take place in a previous incarnation, and that were extreme enough to throw you off your life plan. Past-life phobias are directly related to a traumatic death from a previous lifetime. Read more

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit

Something a little different this week: a blog post from my sweet wife, Christine on the importance of integrating mind, body, and spirit.

During planning for a recent class in our SoulWorld Community, the Spirit Guides reminded us that the soul can’t separate mind, body, and spirit.

That means if one these aspects is out of alignment, it throws the other two off balance, and we struggle as a result. Read more

Speaking from Your Soul

Speaking from Your Soul

We intuitively know when someone is speaking authentically. They have a style that’s their own, and we can tell that they’re not trying to be someone they’re not. I call this speaking from your soul.

Your soul type, the core of your true personality, influences the way you express yourself. To give you an idea of how each of the ten soul types can be identified by the way a person speaks, I’d like to share an imaginary conversation based on something that happened a few years ago to my oldest son. Read more

Speaking Your Truth in the Age of Trump

Truth is a goal. Truth is also the path that takes you to that goal. And truth is one of the ten higher values to which all souls aspire.

We’re taught, from early childhood, the importance of telling the truth.

We punish our children when they lie. We drop friends when they lie to us. Couples divorce because of lies.

Yet, we’ve allowed someone who lies so frequently that when he tells the truth, it’s a cause for comment, to become the most powerful person in the USA. Read more

Avoiding a Life of Disappointment

You’re here to live the life your soul intended. And when you don’t, it creates a major sense of disappointment that your soul will carry from this life to the next.

Two years ago, my client, Vicki, lost her husband prematurely to cancer.

She asked me to contact him, and find out if he had any message from the “other side.” Read more