Newborn to represent old soul babies

Old Soul Babies

What is it about old soul babies that pulls us in? I mean, all babies are lovely. But there’s something about old soul babies that make us take pause and notice.

For many old soul adults, these babies are like a breath of fresh air. They give us hope.

The Physical Plane can be a challenging place. Especially these days. Almost everywhere you look, it seems like things are taking a turn for the worse.

Racism, misogyny, and xenophobia are rampant. Laws and regulations previously put in place to make things better for everyone are being overturned to benefit the very rich few. Our country’s leadership is an embarrassment, and the rise in white supremacy across the country—and the world—is frightening.

It’s important to be aware of what’s happening, but there’s a fine line between keeping informed and being overwhelmed.

The news is a tool for current awareness but, for many people, it can also be a potential gateway to a downward spiral of hopelessness. There are times when I, like many of us, can feel pretty depressed about the world, and it can be hard finding the good amongst all the bad stuff.

Then my wee grandson came into the equation.

This little old soul baby, who has so clearly been here many times before, gives me hope like nothing else. My sweet boy, like all souls, came to the Physical Plane again to learn what it means to be human.

To grow, to heal, to evolve, and to look for ways to connect to other souls through love.

And, like a lot of old souls of his generation, he’s part of the Transformation, the shift in consciousness that’s taking us all to a more spiritual place.

Ainslie’s Spirit Guides have gone as far as to call their purpose in this life a “rescue mission.”

I like to believe these old soul babies are catalysts for us, to help lift our spirits when the road ahead seems daunting, and our love for them gives us strength to keep going.

Life isn’t always love and light. But my little guy inspires me to stay focused on fighting for what’s right, and to continue shining my light for others who may be struggling.

The next time you’re feeling down about current world events, look into the eyes of a little baby, and relish in all those feel good hormones your body will produce. Chances are good your spirits will lift as a result, and you’ll be ready to get back in the game once again.


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  1. Jollean Mc Farlen
    Jollean Mc Farlen says:

    Article was right on, I agree with you Christine, I love the wee ones. I see so many all over the world when I travel and when they see me, they always smile, giggle and try to talk and the parents always turn and look at me, I sometimes just suggest they look up indigo, crystal or rainbow children on the Internet if they choose? . . . . to help them realize how important and special their children are, thanks for reminder in your article.
    I pass on the e-mails all the time to others, have fun with your new grandchild, I even moved to be near my grandson as my family is very important.
    Thanks, Jollean Mc Farlen in Kelowna BC Canada

    • Christine Love
      Christine Love says:

      Thank you, Jollean. Like you, little ones are also very drawn to me (probably because there’s a soul connection, and they can tell we “see” them). I keep telling Ainslie I want to be closer to our grandson and his family, but neither of us can reconcile with moving to the east coast. So we’ll have to settle for lots of travel back and forth!

  2. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Congratulations on your little old soul.
    I feel blessed to have 3 of these little old souls. Two are toodlers now, but their light continues to shine brightly on those they meet. #3 is only a few months old. They all give so much with a simple smile. My #2 is so comfortable in her own skin she waves and says “Hi!” to strangers on the street. One day she gave the gift of a seed pod she picked up off the ground and gave it to a woman passing by. The woman, almost in tears, said “Thank you, this is the best gift I’ve ever gotten.” They’ve all got parents and grandparents that understand what’s meant by “old souls” and will be nurtured with that in mind.

    • Christine Love
      Christine Love says:

      That’s so wonderfully sweet, Stephanie! I had no idea how much I would treasure being a grandmother (aka OmiLove). It’s the absolute best, and fills my heart in such a beautiful way. Food for the soul!

  3. Kristy
    Kristy says:

    I had a dreamlike meditation a few years ago where I was in an upper world of crystal structures and met what I felt at the time to be the soul of my future child. It was very large (8ft tall), gold, and a prolate spheroidal structure. No children yet, still need to prepare.
    Any thoughts on this?

    Thank you!


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